Saturday, February 9, 2008

Of Front Side Busses and Licenses...

Been spending some time browsing this morning, shopping for computer parts.  I drool at things like a 1333 front side bus and a shared 4 megabyte cache.  I keep telling myself I shouldn't count my chickens before they are hatched.  I could work only one night and be brought to my knees. 

Dad was flummoxed last night when I asked for my license.  Mom wasn't supposed to tell me, but she was worried she was going to have to take me to get another.   Dad was visibly perturbed and shaken.  I walked out to his car to get my old wallet.

"Why were you trying to keep my license from me?" I asked.

"Cause I was trying to keep you from drinking," was his reply.

I love my father.  I really do, but his efforts to control me cross the line sometimes.  I sometimes wonder if he is actually trying to make life easier for himself without regards to me. 

I was looking at the picture on my license last night.  It was taken when I was still drinking heavily.  I looked like death warmed over.  I would have fit in at any Rescue Mission amidst a bunch of homeless drunks.  I don't think GQ is going to be calling anytime soon.      


Sharyna said...

Good for you, getting your wallet back! What if you had gotten pulled over? Tell the cop that daddy has your licence? And how would keeping your licence keep you from drinking?!


CJM-R said...

The car, the wallet and the license, all back where they belong! You are moving forward in every sense of the word.

Have a nice weekend!

amelia said...

I don't know about the US but in Canada it's illegal to drive without having your license with you.

Tee said...

Oh Andrew, are you saying you have been driving without your license being in your possession? I'm so glad you didn't get stopped by the police! I don't understand your Dad's logic taking your wallet so you "won't drink". What does that have to do with you drinking, or not drinking? Unless in AL when you buy anything alcoholic they card you (check your ID). That might be it--last time I bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store they had to see my DL and I'm retired. LOL! Keep those license on you when you drive. Also, make sure they are valid--haven't expired.