Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Maelstrom...

"Tomorrow is the big day!" Rosa exclaimed calling a moment ago.

"You go get your car!" I exclaimed back.

"I was talking about you working," Rosa said as she laughed.

It is a big day for the both of us.  Rosa buys a used car and I start work and orientation.  Rosa is so excited about being able to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings in other towns.  She can catch a meeting a night now. 

"I think I am going to drive to the ocean next week," Rosa told me wistfully. "You'll be working."

"It is a five hour drive, but I know how much you would love to see it," I said. "Go for it, but be careful."

I sometimes forget that Rosa is better equipped to handle life than I.  She has been through so much that nothing scares her.  I admire that fierce wanderlust and determination in her.

I agreed to pick her up this afternoon.  I want to ride out to the lake and look at the water levels.  I would also like to stop at the dam and see if the Vietnamese fishermen are out fishing for carp.  It is going to be a good and restful afternoon -- much needed as I enter the maelstrom tomorrow night.  I hope you all have a good Sunday.  


Sharyna said...

I know I've been pushing this work thing on you. But I really feel that you can do it. Wow, Rosa on a 5 hour drive! That's something else I could never do!


Cheryl said...

Big day all around! You sound good. Have I mentioned how much I like reading your twitter stuff? I don't know if you'd be able work and update at the same time, though, you know?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Good luck Andrew! You'll be've come a long, long way. Keep remembering that.

forsythia said...

You can do it. You have a huge cheering section, not to mention Rosa and Maggie.