Thursday, February 21, 2008


The smell of hotdogs, spicy mustard, and kraut permeated my nostrils as I stepped inside my door tonight.  Rosa had fixed one of my favorite meals.

"I even fried some french fries," she told me smiling proudly.

"Yum," was my reply. "I'm starving!"

"How was work?" Rosa asked as we sat eating.

"It was a terribly depressing and rainy evening," I replied.

And it was.  Such dreary evenings would usually send me into a tail spin of mediocrity and dullness.  I was glad when that last delivery was made and I could head back to the store to get my car. 

"Any pill counters tonight?" Rosa then asked of work as she smiled.

"Thankfully, no!" I replied laughing. "I wouldn't want to stand out in the rain for that tonight.  It's cold!"

I ended up eating three hotdogs.  There goes my diet.  Rosa thought I was going to eat a fourth.  I was too full, though.  Maggie seemed perfectly pleased to get a Hebrew National wiener for herself. 

Now?  I plan on curling up in my lazy boy lounge chair reading Model Railroaders till bedtime.  I am sure Rosa will pick some interesting things to watch on TV.  She doesn't like my preferred Public Broadcasting.  "They're stuffy and boring," is always what she says of Georgia Public Broadcasting. 


ac said...

Hebrew National makes a great hot dog! I think they are the BEST. I like mine grilled with mustard, onions, and dill relish. yummy yummy!
How do you like yours? Have a great evening. ac


Sometimes good old fashioned meals with girth are good after a sappy day.

Missin' ya dear pal!
Be well please!!


by the way, you deserve a party in 7 days!! VERY VERY VERY VERY fabulous!

VEry! :)

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I am so sorry but I deleted my first post by mistake. But I wanted you to know that I am so proud of you lately. You sound so much happier and full of life. You are now working with comfort and you are almost 100 days of soberity. WAY TO GO my fiend. How nice of Rosa to have cooked dinner for you when you came home. I bet that was nice to have and I bet she loved making you happy. I also believe that made her happy as well. Keep up the wonderful work.

Tee said...

I'm so thrilled for you being able to work for and help your Dad. You have a jewel there--Rosa. We love Public Television. We don't have cable, so we watch a lot of PBS. Right now the Ken Burns' series on World War II is on. We have seen these several times, but never tire of watching history. Antiques Road Show and This Old House are two of our favorite programs.

villain820 said...

Hot dogs sound great. I have a pretty bland palate so I have beans with mine. Maggie is such a lucky pooch and cute too.

It is great that you are doing so well. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I am thrilled for you!

mosiacmind said...

sounds very yummy..,.do you have a favorite spicy mustard?

Kelly Jene said...

I luhuhuv Hebrew Nationals... so good!

Have a good night!

justLacey said...

I only hate the rain if I have to be out in it. Otherwise, I find it comforting. A sort of reprieve in my everyday life.

SOUL: said...

ola my brotha---
sorry i haven't come by in a while...
no excuse really-- although i'm sure i could come up with a few. :))
anyhow-- sounds like a good night-- i haven't had a kraut dog in a long time-- but honestly, at the moment-- i don't think i'll attempt one.
maybe next week.
anyhow--i hope y'all have a great weekend...
congrats on the job btw-- :))

Marsha said...

I hope you get help for your growing addiction to benedryl. 100 days of sobriety is great, and I'm happy for you, but please don't trade one addiction for another or you'll wind up right back where you started.

Take care and good luck!