Friday, February 1, 2008

Google Reader Madness!

Why Google Reader can feel overwhelming sometimes.  Especially if you read a lot of blogs and try to comment on them all.  I've pretty much given up on being a regular commenter on many blogs.  I realized I was being trite, and just commenting to say something.  It was a vain attempt at trying to stand out from the blogging crowd.


Cheryl said...

I got a laugh, that turned into a cough, when I saw the 'boring-drivel' folder. Too funny! I'm down to 'all read' with my Reader now. I love being caught up.

Mo said...

One of these days I am going to sign up with google reader.

I hear ya' about the commenting. That's partly why I may stop by here a lot and not comment.

Does that makes sense? It made sense in my head.

2sunset said...

Yes there are SO MANY interesting blogs out there, Andrew!

but I agree, it can become too engrossing and time consuming. I have resolved to have only 8 main ones that I regularly check in on:

Yours (always),
3 that I met through yours: (mosiacmind, Rhette, & le fleur,)

And 4 Blogs of people I know personally.

Other than that I just explore others occasionally.

Cheers Weather-Man!
Happy reading.

Cathy said...

I was so surprised to see my blog there. I'm glad to know that you come by once and awhile. Take care.

EE said...

I get overwhelmed, too, when I get behind with my reader. It makes me just want to shut down and not read anything...which puts me farther behind:(