Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winter's Color...

I've noticed since the newness of my camera has worn off that I am taking less and less photos. Winter is drab, with little color, and there are not a lot of photo opportunities. I am going to try and find beauty in small things in my yard. Here are two photos I took late this afternoon. The leaf on the bottom looks like the continent of Africa and the colors match, too!


Leann said...

Those berries are so bright!! Beautiful Andrew.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

i love your pics. the colours are amazing. thanks for sharing them.
yeah and

Go Andrew!
Go Andrew!
Go Andrew!

mosiacmind said...

beautiful pictures

Kelly Jene said...

Gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and you're right about that bottom leaf, how neat!

Summer said...

Lovely ... abosolutely!

Amy Palko said...

Photography is so great for getting you to pay attention to the little things that make life beautiful. I try and take at least a couple of photos every day, whether it's of a plastic yellow duck, a stack of envelopes or a passing cloud. Sometimes it's surprising how good they come out! Your photos today are just lovely. Keep it up!
Lives Less Ordinary


Oh you are not kidding, the "drabs of winter.." BLAH! The berries are very nice to look at..color and vivid are nice to see this time of the year..I am already tired of cold snaps. I want flowers.
Crusty~ :)