Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Sum Up My Blog...

“I have nothing to say and I’m saying it” — John Cage

You would think after blogging all this time I would have more important things to say.  I hate being preached to or at on things like politics or religion.  I find those two topics do more to divide people rather than bring them together.  I don't want my blog to be about two things I find unappealing for the most part.

What to write about?  I could continue to chronicle my interactions with the shopping center gang, although I fear people are growing tired of them.  Ferret and gang are like a broken record often doing the same things day in and out.  I could write about overcoming my mental illness, but it was actually rather simple.  I started to listen to my family and my doctor, and took the medications I had grown so paranoid about.  Now, I take them religiously.  I could take this blog in the direction of writing about Alcoholic's Anonymous, but I am already doing that to a certain extent.  Or I could write about all of the above as I have been doing.  We'll see.  I just feel I need to change directions or people will quit reading.  I just want this blog to convey how positive and uplifting my life has been lately, and I feel I am doing a poor job of just that with all this talk of alcoholism, homelessness, and mental illness.  

PS -  I am having Gmail issues and haven't been able to check my email in a week.  Send email, if you wish, to the address on the sidebar of this blog. 


Summer said...

I like hearing about your success.
I like reading about your job hunts.
I like reading about your cooking.
And Maggie.
I like your photography.
I like your friends down at the shopping center and your neighbors.
I like your weather blog.

I want you to start planning your garden and landscaping because I know you'll be VERY successful at it.

Sorry, I'm just implementing my Spring dreams on you.

Tell me a little history about Southern Railway. I miss riding that train. What happened to it?

M said...

as long as you keep writing, i am happy.

H@rry said...

What about researching some weather subject each day and then explaining it in your blog. For instance:

How does frost form when the air is about freezing?

Why does air circulate counter-clockwise around a low pressure cell in the northern hemisphere?

How can "supercooled" rain drops not freeze until they contact something?

You'd be good at that!

jrlmx2 said...

Andrew, just keep writing! You're doing a great job. Nothing boring about it - it's exciting to walk this walk with you. I miss you when you don't write or I can't get to a computer.

Kevin said...

don't worry too much about trying to change the course too much. you do a fine job as is. just keep doing what you do. just write what you feel and what comes to mind. you needn't worry about trying to please us.

Cheryl said...

Andrew, I don't think you should worry about what to write. Just write. You know...like build it and they will come? Just be you. That's the person we come here to see.

Leah Friedman said...

I agree with Cheryl. Just be YOU. The Andrew we have grown so fond of reading.

PipeTobacco said...


It all sounds acceptable.

Perhaps a look into exploring a new facet of creativity?


Upsy-Downsy said...

I totally agree with Cheryl. YOU are who we want to read about. Like I said before, you help a lot of people and give insight into the struggles of mental illness and alcholism and your strong determination to fight it and come out the winner.

Mo said...

I say keep on doing what you are doing. It is your blog. I enjoy reading about your life's journey, no matter what you write about.

Le Fleur said...

I come here often and you usually make me me smile; getting a genuine smile out of me is a feat in itslf so you must be doing something right. Just be you and everything else will fall into place. Whatever happened to the art classes?

Moonroot said...

Hi Andrew,
I love your blog just as it is. I am not bored! The posts about alcoholism, mental illness or homelessness serve to put the positive things you write about in context. It makes your blog all the richer.

forsythia said...

Andrew, Yours is the only blog I read consistently, so please don't stop. I would mist it terribly. I need something GOOD to read every morning when I drink coffee. I know that you will find plenty to write about as your life starts off on another trajectory.

Judy said...

I love the fresh honesty in your writing about life. When you talk about wanting a job I understand why and yet if I were you I would embrase the life you are leading and the freedom you have. Work really doesn't leave a lot more time for anything else. And it makes you so TIRED.

John Noble said...

I agree with many of the above posts. You are a good and interesting writer. Even if you wrote prose about what your back yard looked like on a cold winter morning, or what the rail yard looked like in a late afternoon, it would be good reading, because you can write so well.

But, most of all, thanks for letting us in on your journey. I hope you continue to give us the privilege to come along. It has really taught me quite a bit.


mosiacmind said...

I would like to echo what summer said. I do care amd I do not think you are boring. I will be eager to hear how the meeting is that ferret went to with you.i hope that you have a great day friend.

amelia said...

I love your blog just the way it is!! It's perfect, all about you and Rosa, your family and your friends!! What more could we ask for?