Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Talking Out my Ass...

I love Rosa.  I really do.  I grow wary of her staying over EVERY night, though. I can sometimes grow cynical and think she only likes me for my cable television.  She doesn't have cable at home.  She loves to watch reality TV and the absolute worst programs. 

We got in a little argument last night over my use of the computer.

"You spend four hours a day on that computer," she told me standing at my door as I sat here.

"You spend eight hours a day watching TV," was my reply.  "I don't like to watch TV."

"Well, you could spend more time with me," she said.

"But I would be spending it watching TV with you and like I said, I don't like TV."

Rosa left the room to do what?  Watch more television.  It so reminded me of my ex-wife.  I once had a vibrant online social life with a bunch of gaming buddies spread across the country.  We were number one in the nation at competitively playing a game called Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.  My ex-wife knew of my time spent with my friends and my propensity to play the game to keep my edge.  We got married and she wanted me to change.  Many nights were spent arguing over my time spent with my friends on my computer.  I don't want to repeat that part of my history.

I shouldn't even post this as it will generate nasty comments, but I am talking out my ass here.  The positive of all this?  Me and Rosa will no doubt work out our differences where me and Rachel never could.  Compromise is the key to any lasting relationship. 

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justLacey said...

Truly I can see your point. Just wonering, how come Rosa doesn't work or does she? Either way if you want some time alone just tell her.