Wednesday, January 30, 2008


2sunset asked why I am applying at so many food industry jobs.  Simply, there just aren't many jobs around here.  I also have a spotty work history and haven't really worked in years (I don't count that short stint as a clerk in the grocery store).  Places like McDonald's are more likely to hire me with such a history and having been on disability as they are desperate and always looking for help.  The McDonald's in town is perpetually hiring.  I hope to work awhile to build up some job history and a report with an employer, and then move on to a better job.  I am thinking and starting small.  I may mistakenly think such a job would be easier task wise as well.  Keep in mind I get to keep my disability for up to nine months on the ticket to work program and still work full time.  

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Sharyna said...

I think you're on the right track. Just keep bugging McDonalds and they'll hire you. One of my best hires was a kid that was always in my store. Even though he didn't work there (yet), he was always there! I had to hire him to make him go home!