Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something About It...

There is something about this weather that makes me want to say, "screw it," and go get rip roaring drunk.  Thunderstorms were always a good excuse in the summer.  Frozen white stuff falling from the sky is a good excuse in winter.  I was just telling Rosa about it.

"It's strange," I said. "This weather makes me want to run out and drink beer.  I've always loved aberrant weather."

Rosa laughed.

"Alcoholics and addicts will use any excuse to use," she said. "If my goldfish died then I would smoke up."

"That's true," I replied, smiling. "When I was in college I would use my grades as an excuse to drink.  Made an A? Get drunk and celebrate.  Made an F?  Get drunk and drown my sorrows."

"The trick is: what are you going to do today that is healthy?" Rosa asked.

"I am going to go for a long walk in the sleet, then come home and cook you supper," I replied.

"Don't walk past the convenience store," Rosa said, warning me.

"Hmmmm," I said rubbing my chin, jesting as I grinned. 

Rosa punched me in my side and laughed.  Two months ago I would never be able to laugh and joke about this.  It pays to have a good sense of humor sometimes.  


Cheryl said...

Snow makes me want hot chocolate and a fire. We had a squall yesterday...a white-out that lasted about 20 minutes, followed by a clear, sunny sky. It was pretty amazing. I wish you could have seen it!

jane said...

hi -

enjoyed today's post as i do everyday but this rang true with me - however i want to cook when the weather gets lousy i live near philly and we usually have our fair share of snow - not this year though :( and i always want to put a stew or a braise on or make my hoemmade pasta or bread.

i know you love snow and i do too. i lived in munich germany and one year it snowed off and on from october to april - was awesome. they were incredible about removing it so and their public transport was so amazing that getting around was a snap. i miss it.

anyway, happy, healthy days to you!


justLacey said...

I don't think i would want to go out in the sleet and walk around. I'm glad that rosa is there though when you return.

Kelly Jene said...

Do you see how close you are to 60 days! What a celebration that will be! You should plan a special dinner for you and Rosa. Candlelight even.

I would love walking around in the sleet. Too fun!

Robot Dancers said...

Snow and sleet make me think of my first ever boyfriend. It's weird how weather and seasons can bring back memories like that.

Sharyna said...

You walk in sleet!?! Better budget for a little slicker for Maggie! Did you ever get her harness? is nice and cheap but good quality. What's for dinner?


Rhette said...

How did Maggie react to the sleet? I wondered if she ran out and tried to figure it out or was she afraid of it?

Jbeeky said...

I love snowstorms. I would make soup and sip tea staring out at a streetlight and watch the snow fall through the beams. Not so much in San Diego, though. Sigh. I hope you get snow soon!

EE said...

Springtime always puts me in the mood to drink. I rarely want a drink in the winter.