Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sigh, Google Reader...

Google Reader is starting to feel like a job. I am a completetist I learned from my video game playing days. I feel the need to complete something once I start. I open up Google Reader and see all those blogs unread and feel compelled to go through them all. It feels like a job and not at all enjoyable. I think I am going back to just browsing blogs organically as I come to them. Slowly moving down my favorites list to be pleasantly surprised when someone has updated. I am more likely to comment as well doing that.

I have been stuck in an Internet rut lately. What do you do to pass time on the Internet? I read only blogs and some days, like the weekends, it can mean a long day with nothing to read. I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of blogging and blog reading is being done at work on the weekdays. Drop a comment and let me know what you like to do online. I am begging you because I need to get out of this rut.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog off and on all day...Just to see how your doing...I find it interesting...Love to see your videos too...Don't often comment...seems most everyone says the same thing...(glad your doing well and keep up the good work) Nice to hear but kind of boring...I guess its good to have the encouragement....

Judy said...

I check on you through out the day as well. You make simple things sound so interesting. You could write a novel.

amypalko said...

I really enjoy using StumbleUpon, Andrew, as I always find new stuff that sets my mind working. Unfortunately, I find the social networking/sharing side of SU quite unsatisfactory, so yesterday I decided to give Tumblr a go for sharing stuff that I find as I go along. I am having so much fun with it! You can check mine out, while keeping in mind that it's still very much in its infancy, if you like. It's certainly giving me something else to do on the net besides working my way through my feed reader! Hope this helps :-)

Ryan said...

I go on Newgrounds.com...

madamspud169 said...

I read your posts as soon as you put them up. Yours is actually my favourite blog of all I specially love the posts about your day to day life, even the boring stuff.
I do wish you'd put up recipes for the meals you cook though because some of them look so great.

I only comment when I have something to say that I hope may help. Much of what you go through I have never experienced so comments from me wouldn't be any use.

I blog, read blogs and post short stories to online sites like associated content and TIBU.

63mago said...

playing qbeez.

Ally0005 said...

I check your blog off and on all day also, I also check out my other favorite blogs, and my yahoo groups. The rest of the time I'm on the computer I'm checking email, looking for new recipes,as love to cook.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

I read newspapers online
pointless celebrity gossip on stuff like this

and proper papers like this

and I LOVE radio 4 listen again
comedy on radio 7 listen again sometimes

very occasionally badly recorded films and stuff

good old utube for music tracks and harry hill comedy shows
and trailers on http://www.apple.com/trailers/

I love antique clock faces, crystals, and buddhist statues, so sometimes I browse on ebay as they often are very cheap, and you can find weird exotic stuff on there for next to nothing like Tibetan BRONZE GREEN TARA BUDDHA STATUE type stuff..
its like a big flea market online!

hoops and yoyo e cards are fun when youre bored..

perhaps that will provide some distraction for you..
there is too much to do online!!

CJM-R said...

I play 20 questions on line when I am bored.

nengaku said...

I know what you mean about getting in a rut. I intentionally try to limit my on-line time every day so I don't get too bogged down in it. But I usually do spend some time reading international newspapers like The People's Daily from China.

nengaku said...

Oh - and, of course, I listen to WholeWheatRadio.org.

Andrew said...


The People's Daily looks so interesting. I am going to check them out and see what their take on our politics is. I will check out WholeWheatRadio as well as I listen to a lot of internet radio these days. Thank you friend!

Irishcoda said...

Hi Andrew, Other things I do online besides blogging/reading blogs--I play computer games, upload pictures to something like photobucket and make slideshows or minimovies, visit message boards for topics I'm interested in, and also visit some of the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. I also go to youtube to watch some of the videos, like last night I watched videos of an old show I used to love on TV, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

Matt said...

I play a game called onslaught, a tower defense puzzle/strategy game. Be warned though it will suck you in.


Tee said...

I check all my e-mails (we have four), then I read my favorite blogs, then I have to do something productive. I'm reading a couple of book as well, so I try to read some everyday. Time for American Idol. This is the BEST part with all the auditions and the poor sould making fools out of themselves. It makes me laugh.

Kelly Jene said...

I read emails, check blogs, check on my favorite message boards, read the news, play on you tube finding old music videos, myspace, stuff like that.

Portia said...

That's funny. I never did finish loading all the blogs I read onto my Google Reader. I'm so behind lately it would probably irk me anyway, knowing just how.
When I can get online, somehow I can stay busy just surfing around, following links. I keep articles on delicious and like to check out others'..and if I get interested in something I research it to death. And I usually have a photoshop project going on so I find free tutorials for that stuff.
I'm quite impressed by your sobriety counter. I know it's not easy, but you are doing great. That's awesome:)

Leann said...

I read blogs, read the local paper and the alaska paper, check out the news on cnn and msnbc, check my e-mail half a dozen times, read books occasionally, find a topic that interests me and read up on it.

Carter said...

yeah i've found that there isn't much to do on the Internet nowadays, too. All i do is blog every now and then and check Facebook. I don't even go on instant messenger that often anymore. Once I go back to school I'm sure that's change, though...

Debbie said...

i too read blogs, but i also play euchre at pogo.com. check email often. i have 2 that are used. um, check blogs again and then play more euchre!

with the new job starting soon that will change.

PipeTobacco said...


When I am finished with my needed tasks on the Internet (correspondence, teaching postings, etc.) I then will blog. After blogging is finished, I "surf" any myriad of things that pique my interest at the moment. The latest items I have been searching on-line include:

1. Searching a few different pipe shoppes on-line and admiring the grace and artistry of many of the pipes I see. I have so many pipes as it is, I do not feel a need to purchase any new ones, but I do love to examine the beauty of the form, the gentle curves etc.

2. Exploring the diversity of research in a new aspect of endocrinology I am interested in. I am considering adding a new strand to my research. When I was with my elderly father-in-law last Friday, a rather novel and new theoretical model popped into my mind, and I am working to discern its feasability.

3. Exploring more, my creative side through examining a variety of art sites... especially paintings and photography. To me, art and science and social justice all blend well together and I look for new ways to explore all three.

4. I have also been looking at a variety of sites on home brewing of beer, wine-making, and even a few clandestine "make your own" sites for whiskey. I brewed beer and made wine at one time, but it was very long ago. I simply sounded like something fun I want to try again. And my elderly father-in-law would also enjoy the adventure.

So, I hope your day goes well.


Leah Friedman said...

Unfortunately I spend a lot of time on line doing homework. I also have a long list of blogs I read daily, yours included Andrew. (woot! on your 57 days!)When I'm sad I find animal blogs make me smile, here are a couple favourites:


Sharyna said...

I spend my time online reading YOU! Also hanging around Women For Sobriety and Fearless Recovery.


EE said...

If I feel like I HAVE to post or I HAVE to read posts, I tend to "shut down" and am not able to do either.
Google reader would drive me nuts!!!!!:)

agent wife said...

When I feel overwhelmed by too many blogs to catch up on, I just click the button that makes all the blogs say I read them. If I missed something I really liked, I could go to it and look. I don't do much else on the internet, but my "addiction" is reading. Do you like to read novels? I love the library since I can get free reading material and learn things- I learned to paint from books at the library and am learning spanish the same way- maybe you could find a hobby or interest there, or try volunteering somewhere as a way to expand your horizons- just ideas.