Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh McDonald's, Where Art Thou?

Ferret dressed as best as he could out of a trash bag, and was waiting on me on the corner of Cherry Drive for me to pick him up at 11:30.  He was impressed with my car and couldn't get over the fact my parents gave it to me.

"The only thing my mother gave me was a hard time," he told me as I drove.

We went to the AA meeting which was routine and then I set out to put in applications at various places.  I hit three McDonald's, one grocery store, and the Wendy's in Lagrange.  Ferret was growing impatient with the time it took for me to fill out applications so I brought him back "home."  I am hoping to hear from at least one or two of the McDonald's.  It will be a lengthy drive, but I am willing to try anything at this point.

Ferret picked up his white chip at the meeting signifying he is going to try sobriety.  I should be a better friend, but I am very skeptical.  Getting a home should come first before getting sober like the Housing First model.  I know that sounds strange, but it is terribly hard to keep from drinking if you are an alcoholic and homeless.  You have tons of time to fill and drinking fills it and makes the hours of the day fly by.  I agreed to take Ferret with me to any meetings I attend.  We will see how tomorrow goes and if Ferret is still willing to go.   


impromptublogger said...

You are such a good friend and I hope Ferret is sober enough to realize this. I share your skepticism about how long it will last for him, but at least he tried a meeting which sounds like a first for him.

Great going and sending you lots of positive thoughts for your job hunt.

2sunset said...

Hello Andrew,
I agree with impromptublogger, you ARE a good friend. No matter what choices Ferret makes, you are planting some wonderful seeds with him.
Regarding your job search, why is it that you are choosing jobs that are so highly involved with people (fastfood) and not jobs that are more intensely involved with computers(technician)?
Just curious because from the sounds of it you have skills and knowledge like crazy with regards to setting up systems and getting the most out of a homecomputer system as well as trouble-shooting problems that arise.

cheers, take care, read my new side blog when you get a chance.
: )

Sharyna said...

I understand more than some what a large gap in work can do to a resume! It's great you are starting small. In 6 months, if you're able, you can move to the tech field.

It's great what you're doing for Ferret but, in his case, I don't believe in the Housing First Model. I don't believe that such a model can work on one's own. Has Ferret thought of applying now for section 8 housing? It might take a while to get in.


mosiacmind said...

I know from the times i went to aa and na they always seem to really talk about the people with being more length of time being sober help people out amd one needs to work on himself or herself in the first year. I also know that they talk about not staying around people one used to drink with...I think you can be a good friend and say hello and encourage him to get names and numbers at the meeting to get arrangements for him to get to meetings if he decided to do so.
I think though that he would do better at a treatment place and go to a homeless shelter for now. how close it the closest shelter for him to go to. i am sure it would be difficult the first day for ferret but in the end it is a good thing for him. i really enjoy the pictures of maggie.

mosiacmind said...

p.s. i know too how frustating it is to look for work. i hope that on your own or through bvr you get one that you like and does not stress you out and good hours and not too far to drive and such.

Barb said...

I hope you are surprised!!!

I believe in your ability to get a job, stay sober, and being a hope for Ferret.
Try hard to tolerate him, and remember that someone took a chance on you.


nengaku said...

I'm so impressed that Ferret got his white chip and that you helped him do that! I'm sure he's inspired by your 71 days.
I hope you keep a close eye on him for signs of withdrawal. It can be fatal if it gets out of hand. Call 911 if you see him shaking violently, hallucinating (tactile and visual are not uncommon with alcohol) seizures, etc. It is a real medical emergency that needs ER and in-patient treatment to be handled safely.