Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mission of Mercy

Ferret asked me this morning to drive him down to Perlis truck stop for a shower.  I think the shower cost $7 dollars he said.  It was a long drive down the interstate without my radio as it says I need to enter a code to get it to work (some anti-theft bullshit).  They unhooked the battery when they changed the locks on my car.  I suspect I will have to take it to the dealership and fork out moolah to get it fixed.

Ferret looked like a new man after a shower and shave.  I dropped him off at the laundromat in town so he could launder the clothes in a big black plastic trash bag he was toting around. 

"I am still going to get a home," he told me fiercely as he got out of my car.

"Keep talking like that and you will," I replied as I bid him goodbye.

I drove off as Ferret was carrying his bag inside.  He was on his own for the rest of the day. 

I would always shower at the truck stop as well when I was homeless.  I would ride my motorcycle over from God's country, carrying a daypack of clean or almost clean clothes.  They would give you a bar of soap, wash cloth, and a drying towel.  You would have to enter the code they gave you to open the door to a small room where you would shower.  I always remember the water being very hot.  I was no stranger to truck stops being an over-the-road truck driver for almost a year.      


justLacey said...

Andrew, look for the code in the book that comes with your car. Honda usually has it in the paperwork.

Sharyna said...

You are a kind person, taking time and gas to drive Ferret around. I think it's great!


Barb said...

how wonderful of you to take Ferret to the truck stop. You are a good friend. As an alternative, does your mission in town offer a clean shower?

Have a blessed day,
Thinking of you.


Cheryl said...

I hope Ferret is one step closer to sobering up and getting his act together. I was so happy to hear that you went to the meeting last night. Good for you!

I'm home in-between the wedding ceremony and reception. I'll ttyl!

impromptublogger said...

Andrew, check with your Mom or Dad to see if they have a card that has the code on it for the car radio. We had the same thing happen on my late father-in-law's car after it had been in storage 6 months, got snowed on which killed the battery.

Luckily, his sister had the card with the code on it so we were able to turn the radio 'back on". Otherwise, yes you'll have to talk to the dealer. You are a good friend to take him to that truck stop.

Jessica said...

Did I read that right? You were a truck driver? Neat job...did you enjoy it? :) Hope your night is going well.