Friday, January 4, 2008

Midday Ramblings...

This continues my video-a-day for January 2008. Mostly ramblings about how good I feel.



Ryan said...

Wow, I first to vote on the poll. That never happens. How did you get the background image as the background for your sidebar titles? o_O

justLacey said...

I love your videos, it makes you more real and human. I especially loved the picture of your mom. Kind of what I expected only better and you favor her a lot. Rosa is right though. Maybe your mom could switch you from Marie Callendar's to Healthy Choice frozen dinners. That wouldn't be much of a difference for her and maybe bette for you. Diet cokes were good, but you need to switch to whole wheat bread, lol. I really enjoyed your posts today. I'm glad Rosa is back and I hope Joyce returns soon. It was lonely without them and you seemed less content. Everyone needs friends in their life at least sometimes.

Kelly Jene said...

I love your new header pic! It's gorgeous.

It was lovely seeing the light shining into your home. It's so gray here, it's nice to see sunlight!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

i love the bright shiny sunshine in your vids
..looks gorgeous where you are..

2sunset said...

Nice pace and sunshine in your vid-ramblings today.

Check out mine 2 when u can.

Any piano playing in sight?

cheers to a good day...oops my dog is barking in the backyard, I had better go see what hes into.

Armando said...

Hi there. I like you house, I wish I couold keep our as order as yours.

Check I think you pay $3 per month and you can call to any phone un US and Canada from your computer. I use it to call my mom and friends to Chile using credit and is dirt cheap.

Take care :)

Armando (Michelle's husband)

Tee said...

Loved the "talking blog". You mentioned walking to your parents. Do you have a bicycle? If you could get a bike that would give you a form of transportation with exercise as a benefit. :-)

M said...

Hey...I noticed that there is an organ or piano in the living room. Do you play that much? Where did you get the piano? Is it from someone in your family?

I just got back from the grocery store and laundry mat. I agree..small pleasures mean alot. It is comforting to have a pantry full of food and clean clothes for the week.

Joshua said...

You seem like a pretty nice, down to earth guy. I just wanted to say good luck with your addictions and problems. I couldn't imagine the struggles that you go through. I know that sometimes all it takes is knowing that someone else is out there watching over you. Well my friend, that's me. I wish you the best. Talk to you later,
OH... PS: (lol) I like you computer. Ya, im a computer nerd... lol