Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Interesting...

It's interesting how someone with no home and little money can more likely get help for an addiction.  I have often noted this glaring introduction to reality when I tried to reach out for help these past few years.

"Oh, you have Medicare." or "You have a disability income." or "You have a home."

Somehow, this precludes me from getting help.  Clara was a terrible, irascible alcoholic, and homeless when she sought help.  She was able to secure some housing via section 8 and get in an outpatient program for alcoholics down in Columbus, Georgia.  There was help there available for her.  James Christian is homeless in NYC and has recently been able to get into an outpatient program for homeless alcoholics. 

I am not complaining, mind you.  I have far greater resources than those two.  I just can't afford treatment for my alcoholism.  It is up to me and my program with A.A. to stay sober. 

I noted tonight something amazing about Rosa.  She had a terrible crack cocaine addiction.  It was devastating and left her on the streets for years.  Now, she will walk all the way to the clubhouse, like she did tonight, for an N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting.  It is freezing cold, a very long walk, and she could have easily stayed home and watched TV.  She is working her program and I need to set a better example for her than just these online A.A. meetings I have been attending.  Rosa is amazing to me to have gone through what she went through and to still be sane and whole as a person.  Miracles are worked everyday in the programs of A.A. and N.A.  I want to be one of those miracles.     


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

28 hours until 60 days!!! I'm pulling for you my friend...keep up the GREAT work on both your blogs...

jane said...

i love rosa and you're not so bad yourself.

C.A. said...

Look at your sobriety counter, friend. You ARE one of those miracles! I'm so proud of you, too!


Cindi Ann


Look at how well you're doing? I know you don't feel comfortable patting yourself on your back as you've mentioned before..but you are doing a fnatastic job!!!!
That's wonderful for Rosa too!!!! amazing endurance!!

Good evening,

CJM-R said...

Yes, that is amazing about Rosa. Good for her.

On line meetings are better than no meetings... and you are doing well. I am thrilled for you for so many things lately, as we all are.

Take good care!

Kelly Jene said...

My dear friend. Look at that counter. Now, look at it! That is a miracle. To not be fully devoted to a program and yet have almost 60 long days of sobriety is a miracle.

Yes, with a program, it will be easier, you will have more support and accountability. But don't discount the hard work you have put into yourself these past two months.

I'm proud of Rosa, yes. But I'm proud of you too.

Tory said...

How long has it been for Rosa, Andrew? I mean since she's been clean. I'm not sure you've ever said.
In any case, I'm proud of both of you and you should be too!
Keep at it, my friend!
Take care

luvulongtime said...

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew... I'm all for everyone getting the help they need but these douchebags get all the help they need for free and infamy to go along with it.

justLacey said...

It's true you must be very rich or very poor to get in a program, but in the end it's always up to the person to stay sober. You have been doing so well. I hope when you get your car back you will be able to find a meeting to attend. The people I know that have gone to AA have been very successful and after attending for a while go less than in the begining. I think it's the initial pulling yourself up out of the hole that is hardest. They also met all kinds of people because as you know, all kinds of people can become alcoholics. You never know what opportunities you might be missing out on by not going and meeting new friends.

Barb said...

awwwwwwwwww baby you are a miracle. Just because you are Mr. Andrew, that makes you the miracle that you are. I agree with the above bloggers, check out your sobriety counter~ 59d 8h 29m 3 freakin seconds!!!!! That is a miracle!


Sharyna said...

Almost 60 days is a miracle, my friend. I missed the pic of Rosa! I'll have to look again.


jrlmx2 said...

I remember how thrilled to see you cross 30 days and now you're twice as far! You ARE one of those miracles - and you inspire me, too.

Chandira said...

Andrew! You ARE one of those miracles. You, your blog, all of it.
One thing I've learnt from my own blog, is you never know what comfort it gives other people when they need it. I'm damn sure yours is no different. :-)


King Leo said...

Honey, if you are sober today, you are already a miracle. To be sober goes against an addict's nature.

Crack addict extraordinaire, I am clean from crack. I used to attend AA, but have not since I relocated. So far so good. I miss the camraderie AA provided even though I thought they were all nuts, but not enough to go back.

Best of luck to you.

nengaku said...

Woohoo! I hope you attend a meeting tomorrow to pick up a 60 day chip!
Speaking as someone who has worked in both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs I can tell you this - not even the most expensive "professional" treatment is as effective as regular AA meetings. Honest! Look at the relapse statistics! That was a humbling realization to make but when I read it (and confirmed it with other studies) I made it a practice that I would not treat (at least in my private practice) addicts who would not attend 12 step meetings. It would be like a doctor treating someone for diabetes who refused insulin or diet changes. It was that clear-cut to me.

Claudia said...

atta boy, and pats on Rosa's back too!