Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Showed Up for the Game Without my Helmet!

If all the numerous hype over at the ABC 33/40 weather blog holds true, then we are in for a snow like we haven't seen since 1993 and the storm of the century.  Needless to say, The Weather Channel, WSFA (my favorite weather news source), and The National Weather service are all saying rain for us and not a major winter storm.  I am confused, but have no fear that there will be plenty of snow pictures on the weather blog if it does decide to grace us with white stuff. 



when I come here I feel like spring is around the corner, but this weekend here, with the windchill, it will be in the -20's to -30's according to some..
brrrrrrrr...that picture would look fabulous over at your weather blog from Cheryl's post..
Have a great friday..even though it's not here yet!!

AlabamaGal said...

I am here in Chile and it snowed where we live in Alabama. Wouldn't you know it? It hardly ever snows and I missed getting to take pictures of it.

I am so behind on your blog. I come and want to catch up but don't have the time just yet but I do keep looking at your delicious meal pictures. YUM! You are my kind of cook. Tasty meals and comfort foods!

I love your new banner and I miss reading you. Being away from home, Armando and me are sharing my notebook and we are both major computer addicts so I pretty much take my turn and he has his and we are both feeling shorted. LOL

I have pictures of Chile on my blog if you want to see them. I will continue to post them these two months while we're here.

Big hug,

Tory said...

As a fellow weather lover, I bet you must be so excited about getting snow. I love the snow. I hope you get it and if you do, promise us you will make a snow-angel in your yard and take a pic of it for us.
Take care

Kelly Jene said...

I'm excited for you! I sure hope God opens the heavens and dumps snow on you!

jane said...

i never trust "storm of the century" warnings...

but i hope it works out for you.

we had a bunch of snow yesterday that turned into sleet and rain. looks awful.


Sharyna said...

I hope you get your snow. I'd send you some of mine but it would melt on the way. Looking forward to the weather blog pics...


joker said...

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Ally0005 said...

Georgia should be getting some snow, my kids will be so happy.
Hope you get some.

Mary said...

Andrew, It looks like you may get your long awaited snow. I really hope you do. A video of Maggie enjoying what is probably her first snow would be fun.

I read your post almost everyday but haven't been a good commenter. (Is that a word?) It's good to know that you are doing so well. Having your car returned will certainly be a blessing.

Leann said...

Andrew, I hope you get a bit of the white stuff. Amazing how that little bit of weather can bring glee to the heart.

I posted some pics of my trip to the coast a day or so ago and hope you have time to hop over and check them out. Just because I know how much you like pics!!

I'm very proud of Rosa. It takes much self motivation to keep up on the meetings as she does. Especially when it could be so easy to just bow out due to the weather and walk.

Chandira said...

Ooh, envious. I am praying hard for 6 deep feet of snow to land here between 5pm tonight and 5am tomorrow morning, so my friend S from England, can't leave for Texas. ;-)