Friday, January 25, 2008

The Great Job Hunt

"You don't look too enthused," Rosa said as I walked in my door after an afternoon of job hunting.

"It's this small town," I said. "The only jobs are fast food.  McDonald's is hiring.  I wish I lived in Atlanta then I could go to temp agencies."

"Your mom came by," Rosa told me. "She brought you a new cordless phone.  I hooked it up."

I walked into my computer room and it was a nice phone.  My old phone was from the seventies and on its last leg. 

"I think I just need to stick with Vocational Rehabilitation," I told Rosa as I then stood at the fridge drinking a glass of milk.  "They will place me in a job and their jobs will be more forgiving of a person with a disability."

"Are you going to drive down there?"

"Monday," I replied. "I will drive down after the noon AA meeting in Lagrange."

"I am coming with you," Rosa told me.

I don't ever remember having such a hard time finding a job.  I used to could get hired at the first place I walked into.  Now?  They see that huge gap in my employment history and it sends up red flags.  Sadly, most people are ignorant of disability and what it entails, and think of it as being on welfare.  Disability is not welfare!


mosiacmind said...

it is wise i think to wait until you meet with the bvr person. i think too it would be hard in the size town you live in to find a job even if one had a steady history. i can say amen to that disability is not welfare. hope that you have a good evening. i am so pleased with my cordless phone so hope that you like it and enjoy it as much as i do..........just remember to let it charge 24 hours at first before you use it....i forgot once and the phone did not work worth jack until i did that. and then now i put it to charge once every other day or so.

Ally0005 said...

I'm sure there is a branch for temps in Alabama but I think they would be in the bigger cities. I only say this as my husband is in that business. I would try Vocational Rehabilitation again.

Ally0005 said...

I'm sure there is a branch for temps in Alabama but I think they would be in the bigger cities. I only say this as my husband is in that business. I would try Vocational Rehabilitation again.

Sharyna said...

I'd stick with vocational rehab...


Martha said...

You're absolutely right that disability is not welfare. I wish more people understood that. I work for a large agency that has a vocational rehab program and there are so many success stories. I hope it works out for you.

Rhette said...

This is just a suggestion but what if you posted a "Job Needed" poster in your town at the local establishments? I see plenty of people who do that looking for work especially in the summer for lawn work, etc., You can print it out on your computer & take it anywhere you want, leaving your phone number for people who are interested to contact you.

You're so good with computers. Maybe you can post something saying you will fix computers. Would that help?

It's difficult when you live in a small town to try & find work. Don't laugh when I tell you this but I grew up in a town that was only a mile long, LoL. The funny thing about it was there were plenty of small business places & I hit them all once I knew I was of age to get a job.

Sorry this is so long. Don't give up & good luck. It's great how determined you are!

nengaku said...

I can empathize with your frustration and you are right - we are not on welfare! I was volunteering at the hospital one day and a lady in the elevator said "why are you volunteering? You look like you should be working." I told her I was medically retired. She said "You look healthy to me!" I wanted to slap her. Instead I said "Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into looking healthy. I'm glad to hear it pays off." She didn't know what to think. hehehe

Kevin said...

ya i think it sucks that when a person wants to work today they have to jump through so many hoops. why? why do places have drug tests and criminal background checks for minimum wage jobs? just doesn't make sense to me. people that want to work should be given the chance.

Debbie said...

someone will give you a chance. i had a 5 year gap in my work history.

talk to people you know. or your dad knows. the best jobs come from knowing people.

Tee said...

You are wise to stay in the vocational rehab avenues. Set your goal and keep your eye on it and you will get there.