Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Great, Glorious Day!

The weather is gorgeous here.  It is almost hard to believe it is January.  The sun is shining.  The temperature is in the low seventies.  And only a few clouds are in the sky.  I have been sitting outside in my backyard for the longest time playing with Maggie.  I worry about her. She sleeps all the time these days as if she is bored.  She grows so excited when I walk outside, attacking that pair of socks I have let her have.  That always makes me smile.

I am still waiting to hear from a detective about my car.  I doubt they will ever catch the perpetrator.   The first thing I am doing is driving down to Opelika, Alabama to Vocational Rehabilitation.  I can't overcome my fear to call, so will drive down there and speak to someone in person.  It is strange how talking on the phone terrifies me, but I will do fine if I drive all the way down there and speak to the receptionist in person.

I had another panic attack last night, but it was a mild one.  I realized I had drank far too many diet Cokes which probably triggered it (caffeine).  It wasn't one of my terrible ones, but it was disconcerting.  I thought those attacks were only brought on by the drinking, and it was a good deterrent to staying away from the old booze.  Those three beers in my laundry cabinet suddenly look more appealing today than they have in weeks.   

The Homeless Guy continues to work.  I am so excited for him!  There is no better feeling than getting that first paycheck in years!  I have been following his blog for years, have an invested interest, and feel that maybe this time may be the right time for him to get off the streets.  If he can just hold out for long enough for work to become a habit, then I think his tendency to quit will be overcome.  I emailed him today telling him how proud of him and how elated I was.  I really want to see something go right for this guy. 


Kevin said...

beautiful sun shiny day eh? i would be quite happy to trade places with your geography today. its blowing/drifting snow here today (oregon) and cold cold cold.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry you had a panic attack. But I'm glad it was mild. I hope you hear back about your car soon! How nice it will be to be mobile again. Take care!

hensteeth said...

I was wondering, does Maggie like to take a walk?

My doggies either lay around bored or get hyper when they need to take walk. After I walk them they are happy little guys for the rest of the day.

Jenn said...

I think dogs just mostly sleep all day, don't they? Most dogs I've known do. I'd recomend taking her for a walk, too. If you can get her on a leash that is.

The Paper Bag Prince said...

My Friend Andrew,

Be of good cheer. Where there is hope, even in the darkest place, there is light.

To Honor!

C.A. said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this day! :) We had that weather on Sunday and I just was so very happy to have the windows open and the sun shining in January. Last night we had a TORNADO warning...in JANUARY! That has not happened here since 1950, according to our weather guru!

I'm anxious for you to get your vehicle back too. It makes you appreciate what you have when you suddenly lose it, doesn't it?

Couples have their squabbles. It's normal. The computer is to you what the TV is to Rosa. Everyone one's different, thank God. :)

I hope you get to enjoy a thunderstorm or two tonight.



James Christian said...

I'm gonna take the time to read your blog since you take your time to read mine.

2sunset said...

*fyi* jenn and hensteeth, good idea about the dog walking but Maggie doesn't walk on a leash. She has a humongous yard to run around in though.