Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun Times...

Ferret was in a rare good mood this morning.  He has been so dour lately.

"I am going to get a home," he fiercely told me as he sipped on a 40 ounce of malt liquor this morning. "I swear. I am."

"Good," I replied. "You can do anything if you put your mind to it."

"How did Clara get a home?" Ferret then asked.

"I got her a ride down to Columbus and she went into a program for homeless alcoholics at the Rescue Mission."

"Do they take men?"

"Yes, they have a men's program.  I almost went to join myself about a year ago when I couldn't quit drinking."

"It has been so cold lately and I feel cold all the time.  Always shivering and having to wear layers of clothes.  And I stink."

I was expecting Ferret to ask me to take him out to the truck stop for a shower, but he didn't.  You can smell him -- that acrid smell of underarm odor. It is starting to affect his ability to go into public stores and places.  He hasn't taken a bath since he became homeless. 

Dexter has been so overjoyed about having a job.  I was happy for him today.  I was asking my mother the other night if she remembers teaching him.

"Oh, Dexter was terrible," my mother said. "A terrible student.  He wouldn't sit still. They finally put him in 'special' classes for special people."

I told my mother the legend surrounding Dexter about him stealing pork chops out of someone's home.

"Did he go to jail?" Mom asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "Just for a few hours, though."

My mom just laughed.

"I shouldn't be laughing," she said snickering. "The poor boy just couldn't help it.  He is a good kid.  He just needs a helping hand."

I wanted to say Dexter was a man now.  Quite a big man.  And no longer a boy.  He will always be that little school boy to my mother though.  I wonder if she thinks the same way about me?  


Mo said...

Ferret is lucky to have you inspiring him to do more for himself.

We should all be so lucky and blessed to have someone like you in our life.

Thanks for sharing the story about Dexter and your mom.

I don't know if your mom sees you as a little boy but I know now matter how old I get, I will always be the baby of the family.

Ally0005 said...

Most parents see their child as little, sometimes that is ok other times it a problem because the parent will never treat you like an adult.

Barb said...

Hey, I was wondering, have you ever thought to offer Ferret a shower at your home? A shower, a meal, and a glimpse of the very thing that he desires for himself. Maybe a load of laundry can be done, while he showers. Just a thought, or does that cross the lines?


justLacey said...

Yes, in some ways she still sees you that way. I feel bad for Ferret. Can you imagine not being able to shower? Yuck. I hope he decides to go into the same program as Clara. She is doing so well and I don't think Ferret is as bad off as she was when she went. Do you?

Andrew said...


Shamely, I don't want Ferret to know where I live. Some of his friends are kind of nefarious and drug fiends. My friend Charlie swears that someone who reads this blog stole my car as well. I had written that I never took the keys out of my car being a small town. The plot thickens! LOL

jrlmx2 said...

Mommies always have a special spot for their 'babies' ... especially mommies and their little boys. I have to make a real effort to not think of my grown daughter as "my baby"!! She's the only baby God gave me! And I treasure the "little girl" time of her life as much as I treasure the grown-up "girlfriend" season we enjoy now.

I'll bet if your mom saw Dexter now, it would be easier for her to not think of him as a little boy.

CJM-R said...

Very wise of you not to let Ferret know where you live. Hopefully he will follow Clara's lead and go where she went to get help.

Glad to see your blog still open today. I would miss it so much.

As a mom of grown up men now... it is hard sometimes to not think of them as children. But I catch myself and remind myself, that they are MEN and not boys any longer.

Take care,

Nickol said...

I also think it is very wise of you not to let Ferret know where you live.

Sharyna said...

Of course your parents (especially your mom) think of you as a child. They always will. I, personally, have a hard time with my daughter being 31. Everytime I think of her, I think of her as being 9-10.


darla said...

Like some of the commenters above, I am a mom of 2 grown sons, but quite often, I still consider them my "little boys". I guess it's just a "mother thing".

I agree... probably wouldn't be very wise to let Ferret know where you live. Don't invite trouble (not that Ferret is trouble, but you know....).

Barb said...

Oh god, I never thought of that, OMG! The plot does thicken. I would hope that no one here would have the balls to do such a thing, but this is the internet...and stranger things could happen.

You are right about not having any of the "gang" to your need some privacy. The social worker in me, got too empathetic. Sorry!



I don't know how I'll ever or if I'll ever let go of the youthful innocence that my three sons are giving to me now..especially when they're grown men.