Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feigning Obsession...

I shouldn't have written this, but will let it stand.  I realize I was being way "off the cuff" and honest.  It pays to selectively share your feelings sometimes. My attraction to this blog is an addiction, pure and simple.  I live vicariously through the words of the author.  He lives a life that I mistakenly see as grand or enviable.  To not have any responsibility.  To have plenty of Internet access that is "free."  To live on the fringe of society with a freedom to be contrary, as you have nothing to lose.  It speaks poorly of my character I realize.  I have a lot of time on my hands and fill it with little obsessions such as these.  Hopefully, that will change when I start work.  I will be too tired to care what "The Homeless Guy" is up to.     

Well, my favorite blog and homeless guy has decided to write only about pitbull attacks lately.  It has left a big gaping hole in my blog reading.  What would you all feel if I decided to only update my weather blog or only write a blog on the prevalence of drinking and driving in modern society?  Yawn!  That's how I feel about this.  Aggravated.  I grow irritable and want to lash out by writing a nasty email or comment hoping to shake him out of his current obsession.  I realize why he is doing it -- to be contrary.  He wants to be righteous and to prove others wrong.  It is maddeningly frustrating for his readership though.  Maybe this will break my obsession with his blog and homeless blogs in general.  I can only hope as I am helplessly addicted.   His crazy self-inflicted life made me smugly feel not so despondent and badly about my own topsy-turvy existence on this planet.  


Sharyna said...

I was just starting to like The Homeless Guy. I don't know why he's off on this kick. He doesn't own a dog and isn't close to anyone who has been bit. He just keeps giving us soundbytes.


Ally0005 said...

Seems to me that he doesn't have anything else to talk about. Does he really have anything going on his is life that has meaning?????

Ryan said...

I'm still confused as to why you're addicted to such a rather uninteresting blog, Andrew.

CarmenSinCity said...

Maybe you should branch out and find some other blogs to read - there are so many really great ones out there.

Andrew said...


My second favorite blog is written by a school teacher who talks mainly of school and it's happenings. No sex. No torrid affairs. No Ferret and the gang. I don't know why I latch onto certain blogs and grow attached. The Homeless Guy's blog and the teacher's blogs I have been reading for years though and eagerly awaiting them to update. They are a part my daily life kind of like a blog version of reality TV.

darla said...

I agree with Ryan, Andrew. I don't see anything worth reading on his blog. Maybe it's time for you to move on...... ya think? This could be a sign.


maybe he's in a certain phase with his mental illness...
you are wise to realize the freedom you have Dear Andrew, and it's okay to have compulsions such as reading his blog...look it it this way, better to read about crap then live it, right? :0)
You are far wiser, after all, it's 72 for you today.

I will say though, as this is your blog, that is his, mine is mine, we all write what we want to write..whether the reader decides to read it, is up to the reader..not the writer..
phewss..I'm confusing myself. :)

SERIOUS amounts of snow in subs of Chicago... May I please pass you the shovel? My back is really sore.

Jessica said...

Wow your writing about the homeless guy blog is awesome. It is written so well. Made me laugh! Made my day!


PipeTobacco said...


Do you read my blog any longer?



just to clarify too, I was referring to the homeless guy being in a certain phase of his mental illness..I just re-read my comment up here...just so you know I wasn't talking about you.
Happy friday!
me, Elizabeth

Shore said...

At least that will give him some different to write about. His homeless writing is getting bored and sounds like a broken record.