Thursday, January 24, 2008

The End of an Era

I stood over at the AA meeting hall this afternoon.  There wasn't a meeting last night and I was concerned.  Rosa was sitting in my car as I studied the meeting times bulletin board.  There are only two meetings left in the Valley to go to.  It saddened me as AA was once so vibrant in town with meetings every night.  I reminded myself of that old AA saying "principles before personalities," but I fear a few stringent personalities in AA here have run everyone off.

"No more meetings?" Rosa asked as I got back in my car.

"Only on Thursday and Sunday nights," I replied.

"We can always go to NA Tuesday and Thursday nights," Rosa told me.

I grumbled something about wanting to attend AA meetings.  I really shouldn't grumble about NA.  They are a young, growing and vibrant group of people seeking sobriety.  I just never had a problem with drugs and feel like an interloper going. 

It has been so nice to have my car back.  Rosa and I were both astonished that there was no damage to my car at all.  It drives just as good as ever.  I am going to hit the ground running tomorrow and look for jobs.  It is all I have talked about today -- working a job and making money.  Rosa is growing tired of it.

"I wish someone would just give you a job so you would shut up," she told me earlier today.

I just smiled as we drove by Fat Albert's to pick up an employment application. 


Ryan said...

Good to see you're determined to get a job!

mosiacmind said...

i have gone to both aa and na and they really are more similar then one might think. i have also found na more welcoming than aa...more welcoming in the way that many people who go to na also habve drinking problems and many aa peope do not have drug problems but if it drinking or drugging it still to get numb and to get buzzed or drunk plus 12 steps are 12 steps. hope this is encouraging to you.

Sharyna said...

Did you hook up with the vocational rehab lady?


justLacey said...

Good for you, go for it! I heard an interesting story on Dr.Oz the other day about how a lot of the addiction programs get people started on or encourage people to smoke when they are trying to get off drugs or alcohol. They said the funny thing about AA was it was founded by a Dr. and Bill W. Neither of them died from their experience with alcohol, but from smoking. Isn't that strange?

Tee said...

If the group at NA is younger than the AA group I would definitely head to the NA meeting. You know hanging around old people will make you old, Andrew. LOL. Besides I would think addiction is addiction, whether it be in liquid form, pill form or powder form, you are still addicted. Please correct if I'm wrong. Rosa's commend cracked me up "...just shut up." LOL Did you laugh?

Kelly Jene said...

Thats great Andrew! Get out there and enjoy your freedom in the car and enjoy getting a job. Your enthusiasm will definitely help land a good job.

Rhette said...

If you made any friends by going to the AA meetings, maybe you can get in touch with them & ask if they'd like to get together or have a circle of friends who can be supportive through emails & phone calls ... just a thought :)

2sunset said...

Good for you,
You and your positive spin on new experiences.

I felt alone today, so I drank - not the best thing for me though.

Cheers, to you.
Tommorrow is another day right?

Le Fleur said...

I haven't looked at your journal in what seems forever to me, two weeks (gasp!) and I was very happy today to see your counter still going strong. I do hope you find a job soon, but its funny because I'm avoiding getting one myself at least until I graduate.

2sunset ((((hugs)))) Tomorrow is indeed another day and it will be brighter for us all if we just wake up thankful that we're alive. Be well, everyone :)

Cheryl said...

Isn't Fat Albert's where you used to work? I'm hoping there's an opening for you, and that you were able to meet with your vocational rehabilitation person. Waiting is so hard to do when you're ready and willing to get going now.

With your wheels, you can travel to meetings now. Isn't there one in the next town? Have you been to NA? I wonder if there aren't others attending just because of the lack of AA meetings.

Have a good Friday, Andrew.

SOUL: said...

you really are lucky to have your car back--and with zero damage-- that's just great!

how far do you live from the next town with meetings? surely your folks would help with gas-- if it meant meetings for you??? sometimes ya gotta go the extra step to make a meeting ya know? any length, right?

anyhow-- i just love rosas coment-- sounds like something I would say to soulman. :))

i hope you have a very good day today---
did you hug maggie for me? :))