Sunday, January 27, 2008


I drove all the way to Wal-Mart and the application kiosk was down -- the mouse wasn't working.  Why didn't they tell me that on the phone? Harumppff! I looked enviously at the young, teen-aged looking man gathering the carts.   I then drove all through fast food row and didn't stop for applications. Kept going.  I just wanted to come home and be quiet.  My mind is feeling really busy.   To be honest, I am sort of embarrassed at having to work at McDonald's or Wendy's.  I'm afraid I will eventually get hired.  My father is going to shit a brick if he finds out I am looking for jobs as well -- always mindful of the cost of my prescription medications and the coverage I have.

I am feeling kind of disillusioned and helpless as far as this job seeking is concerned.  I haven't worked in so long I don't even know if I could handle a job.  I feel ready for work.  I am tired of being broke all the time.  I have goals and aspirations.  Why do they make it so hard?  It makes me wonder where all these illegal's are working that are pouring over the borders.  The only jobs here are fast food, and even Burger King doesn't want me.   Sob!


Kevin said...

don't worry about the application snafu. try later. maybe the person you spoke with on the phone didn't know or care to check. i have drove past places before myself if i felt uneasy about working/applying there.

perhaps you could work part time or something that would allow you to keep your ssi? see any jobs with benefits out there? i know some places like ups have benefits for part timers having worked there before.

what about CSX? :) i know you like railroads. perhaps look into there application.

as to the dui, i'm not up on all the regulations and such, but don't most places only require a 3yr abstract? or is it a misdemeanor? even so, why the heck would it matter at a place like BK where half the workers probably use drugs on occasion.

good luck! keep trying!

Rita Mosquita said...

There are things you could do without getting hired.

One thing I have done is to sell books online, through ebay's and through Amazon. Where to get books? You will be so amazed at how many people give books away. I have gotten carloads (literally) through Craig's List. I got one book free and sold it for $35.00. If you have any questions, please, I will tell what I know, if you are interested.

You are very talented with computers and web site development also. You could develop your own consulting business.

Whatever you spend most of your time doing becomes a passion, you become an expert and the work with chase you.

Best wishes, Andrew!

Sharyna said...

Just keep at it and don't stress! Call SSA to find out how working will affect your check and prescriptions. Don't want to get a job and then have to spend all your earnings on pills!


justLacey said...

Ebay is a great way to make money. I used to think it would be hard selling, but it's not and really it's even fun like a game. Start with something small and you'll see. I made a lot of money in a few months selling stuff I had around the house and would have given away before.
Also, I bet your dad would be thrilled to help you with paying for college online. After that a job might be easier and I know you would enjoy the classes and time isn't relly a factor. Perhapos you could even take some at the community college after a while. I have to agree with him that the medical coverage you have is important, especially with the meds you take regularly. Think about it and then talk to him. He would be proud to have another college graduate don't you think? It would also be a change to prove to him an yourself that you can do it.

mosiacmind said...

i am glad that you are going to go to the meeting and to the bvr appointment. bvr people should let you know how much you can make and keep all of your is times that it would be great if you could go to the social security office and see what they tell you also. i would suggestyou take another person with you like rosa so she can hear too so if you forget something she can remind you of always i do care and also been where you are and understand and still do since i am still looking for a job after a year....either under qualified or to over qualified

Summer said...

Part time. Maybe one or two days a week. What do you think? Would your dad be upset about that?


I really like what Rita are overqualified, which should make you blush, but you are a noble humble man willing to earn his dollars..when the time is right, the position will be placed within your grasp.
Ever watch this doc called "THE SECRET?" interesting thought process..and you've written about it before.


Tee said...

Your observation about your dad is probably quite accurate. I'm sure he has worked really hard to help you qualify for the SSI that you have and I'm sure he will be extremely upset if you lose it. Just check with SS to see how much, if any, money you can earn before your benefits are reduced or terminated. It might be you can earn up to a certain amount before it affects your benefit.