Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Stop the Drinks...

My worst skepticism and fears rang true this morning.  Ferret was back to his old drinking ways.  I was not surprised.  It took many tries for me to get sober.

"Don't get on to me," Ferret told me looking ashamed.

"You're an alcoholic and alcoholics drink," was my reply.

Ferret was in a good mood, though.  We both began to laugh as Big S stood up and bent over to pick something off the ground and ripped his pants. 

"That's what you call being too big for your britches," Ferret said laughing as he slapped me on my knee.

"You both shut the hell up," Big S said as he then slinked off towards home to change.

"How much have you had to drink?" I then asked Ferret.

"Two forty ounces of malt liquor," Ferret replied.

"You can always go to a meeting with me tomorrow," I told him.

"We'll see," Ferret replied. 

It it normal to have some slip ups when you try to quit drinking.  I just hope Ferret tries again tomorrow and will go to a meeting with me. I look back and shudder at that first week sober.  I thought I would go crazy wanting a beer.  I would pace the floor and talk to myself constantly.     


jrlmx2 said...

I'll bet that 1st day seems like another life to you now. 72Days and counting!! Keep at it, my friend. That's more then 10 wks. 3 months is just around the corner.

How's the job hunt coming?

Kelly Jene said...

I'm so glad Ferret has you to encourage him. Simply being a good influence is the best thing for him. You offering rides to AA is a Godsend for him which someday he will be able to see.

Tee said...

Keep encouraging Ferret and keep asking him to the AA meetings. You are such a good role model to him. Big S ripping his pants cracked me up. Still LOL!

Sharyna said...

Just keep after Ferret to go to meetings. I'd like to see a success story here...