Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cry Hillary, Cry!

"Let is all out girl," I wanted to say when I read CJM-R's blog post a moment ago. She wrote a good op-ed piece on the recent media frenzy over Hillary showing emotion by crying. I've been known to have a good cry myself and would expect our President to cry over the thousands lost on 9/11. Did he? I don't know, but the press probably would have tore him a new asshole if he did.

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Leah Friedman said...

Every day I come here and look at that sobriety counter and cheer for you!I don't know you but still can't help but be extremely proud of you and your progress!

Andrew said...

Thank you Leah! Shalom! You are my only reader, I think, from Israel and I appreciate your words of encouragement.

2sunset said...

Dubya cry? no way.
Watch the following and one begins to wonder....
Check out this youtube vid called "Loose Change"
Scary stuff.

CJM-R said...

Hi Andrew,

I am glad you liked my post!

Thanks so much for the link, I was so surprised and honored.

You have a great big heart!!


zayne said...

thank you for this post. it was a good thing to see hillary shed a tear. gives one hope that humans still exist.


Kokonutters said...

I never thought of it like that, and never did see George W shed one tear. For that many lives lost, I would cry...but you're right the media wouldn't have held back if he did cry.

However I find it very convenient for Hilary to be showing emotion now, for when she was the first lady she always reminded me of a disgruntled fem-bot.

The Blogmaster said...

She isn't crying now. She must have had a mood swing since winning NH.

Carter said...

I hear that, blogmaster, I hear that. Tonight was quite exciting!

Nikita said...

I don't know really the politics of your country now...but some people seem to like her! Chess players i'm playing...! :)

Tee said...

Hillary Clinton crying is a FRONT! That woman is mean as a snake!!!!! We personally know someone that worked at the White House and that person retired because the Clintons, especially Hillary, was so mean they couldn't stand it after serving since the Johnson Administration. Hillary was mean to all the staff, including the secret service people, she was cruel to them. So, don't too excited about those tears.

Double Cross said...

I'm not a Hillary fan, as I do believe she is part of an elite group of the wealthy who consider themselves above "the little people" -- meaning average, working Americans.

However, I wouldn't avoid voting for a candidate who shed some tears. Isn't it about time someone showed some concern for our nation's present situation?

Barb said...

Dear God, if she cries now, imagine the tears when she loses the big ticket. I agree with double cross, and dont see her as anything but "a rich do nothing, but reap everything" kind of women who is allowing my cynicle mind get the best of me. She didnt cry publically, on 9/11 by the way.