Monday, January 14, 2008

Chomping at the Bit...

Morning arrived and I found myself up and excited to start another day.  I thought that was novel that I was actually excited about facing the day in front of me.  Rosa rolled over in the bed with Maggie by her side. 

"Sleepyheads," I said.

"You get up at ungodly hours," Rosa moaned, pulling the covers back over her.

Dad arrived last night bearing a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup, a pan of cornbread, and slices of buttery pound cake.

"I thought you would enjoy a treat, but it smells like you've already cooked."

"Thanks, Dad," I replied. "We will have it for lunch tomorrow."

Rosa feels uncomfortable around my father and grows antsy.  She thinks my father judges her harshly because of her past.  Actually, Dad is just glad I have someone and I told her this. 

We went through our normal medication ritual.  My meds are given to me and my father must watch me swallow them, checking my mouth to make sure they are down.  Then, he will give me my six Benadryl for the night.

"Now don't take all of them at once," he always tells me without fail.

I usually take two to sleep and save the rest for overnight.  I am learning I must be careful with the Benadryl though.  I like taking them far too much.  I like anything that makes me feel out of the ordinary.  Taking six is like popping a handful of Xanax or Valium.  It will even give you the munchies like those pills.



Cheryl said...


I'm glad to hear that your father treating you better again. He sounded so cold over the holidays. I know relationships are hard with parents. I'm on my way to see mine today.

Having those 6 Benadryl in hand at once sounds like too much of a temptation. I know you don't want to say,' don't give me so much', but it puts you in a hard place...using your willpower so you won't take too many.

I'll be at the buffet with my mother today. She's so excited!

justLacey said...

You are right that you must be careful. It's not good to swap one addiction for another and be a slave to that. Take them only as you need them and save the rest. If you accumulate a lot of them you can show your father that you are only using them when you need them and start rebuilding trust. I know there are times when I could get hooked on Nyquil. It gives me such restfull sleep when ordinarily I sleep fitfully and wake up too early. Keep on doing well. We are all so proud of you!

dy said...


amelia said...

I only ever take two if I need them and if I stay up till they've kicked in I get the munchies so bad!!!

Sharyna said...

Dad seems in a better mood with Rosa around. Good for him! Watch those benadryl! No switching addictions on me! Any chance of you taking over your own meds? That might make Dad happier, not having to drive to your place every night.


Moonroot said...

Glad to hear you sounding happy!

CJM-R said...

Nice to see such an upbeat post and hear about a different side of your dad.

Schools closed today. Big snow storm we were supposed to have sort of fizzled out. So a nice new coat of snow, but streets already plowed and things clear.

A great kind of a snow day to have off!

Take Care, Andrew.

Mike said...

Glad to hear you woke up excited for the day. Isn't that a good feeling? I think that shows how well you’re doing. I can sometimes gauge how I’m doing by how enthusiastic I am about getting out of bed.

mosiacmind said...

I am so glad to know that the start of your day has been a good one. I was watering at the yummy dinner you took a picture of.

glittergirl said...

does rosa read the blog?