Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Change of Heart

"Can I go to AA with you today?" Ferret asked me a moment ago.

"I thought you said AA was nothing but a bunch of brain washed religious idiots," I replied.

"I just need a helping hand," Ferret told me. "I haven't been drinking today."

I told Ferret to meet me on the corner of Cherry Drive at 11:30 AM.  I am astounded he is going with me.  We are going to the noon meeting in Lagrange.  I am also going to get an application from the McDonald's on West Point Road in Lagrange.  It would be a lengthy drive to work, but I am open to anything.  I am hoping Ferret will fill out an application as well.  He left Kentucky Fried Chicken under good terms when he worked there. 


Sharyna said...

Did Ferret actually go?! That would be soooo cool!


Cheryl said...

We are all allowed changes of heart. I'm thankful Ferret is choosing this one.

jrlmx2 said...

Andrew, you're not only doing great yourself, you're changing the world around you! You're "happening to life" now, instead of life happening to you.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Ah bless.


Thats how AA works! don't you see? Your recovery is affecting ALL those who you come into contact with! Isnt that AWESOME?

And the REALLY cool thing is, is we just have to be ourselves, and our recovery speaks through us, it comes out of the pores in our skin, and the glint in our eye. it is everywhere but not in the words alone. if you know what I mean. it seeps out of us toward others without us ever having to speak its name.

Im impressed. keep up the good work.