Thursday, January 31, 2008

Burnin' Up!

Rosa was sitting in the den watching TV with Maggie.  I swear my dog watches TV, too.  It was pouring down rain outside and I was standing at my front door as I looked out and smoked a cigarette.

"What are you doing?" Rosa asked uneasily. "And why do you have on that pullover?  It is hot in here."

"Oh, just watching the rain.  I can't watch the television," I replied. "And I am cold."

"Come here and let me feel your forehead," Rosa said.

I walked over and Rosa felt my forehead.

"Christ! You're burning up!" Rosa replied.

"I don't feel sick.  I just feel cold."

"Call your dad and ask for something to take."

"He will think I only want to get high and will ration it. It wont do any good."

My thoughts turned to that age old adage of the boy who too often cried wolf.  The only way my family will come to my aid is if I'm passed out in the floor.  I tried to explain this to Rosa.  Rosa can somewhat understand as her family has little to do with her after all her years of using and stealing from them. 

"At least, go get in the bed," Rosa told me concerned.

"I'll be fine.  I swear! I don't feel sick!" I empathically replied.

Thus goes the evening in J-ville.  A little health drama is something we never shy away from around here.  I just hope I am not crying wolf when I say I feel well.   


Cheryl said...

HI Andrew,

I'm glad you don't feel sick. I'm sick and feel it and I'm not happy! It's so hard going to work sick. Anyway, I'm caught up on your day, and wanted to say hello. Thank you for your comment yesterday. I feel the exact same way about yours!

I'm off to watch Lost. Yeah!

Sharyna said...

Hope you aren't getting that new super flu! Sometimes being cold is just being cold.


Kelly Jene said...

Lots of rest and plenty of liquids... green tea or water.

Take care!

Barb said...

I hope you feel better!

Mary said...

I, too, hope you feel better. But on a different note:

I still receive notification of weekly Committee meetings/reviews even though I'm retired. I saw this one this morning and thought you might be interested in Googleing this new drug intended for treatment of schizophrena.

FDA New Schizophrenia Drug Review - ZYPREXA ADHERA
Health and Human Services Department (HHS); Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (F.R. Page 71923)
Meeting of the Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee TO discuss new drug application (NDA) 22-173, ZYPREXA ADHERA (olanzapine pamoate depot) long acting intramuscular injection (210 milligrams (mg), 300 mg, and 405 mg per/vial), Eli Lilly and Co., for the treatment of schizophrenia. A particular safety concern for discussion is the occurrence of severe somnolence in some patients who are administered this depot formulation of olanzapine.
Location: Crowne Plaza Silver Spring, Kennedy Ballroom, 8777 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.. 8 a.m. (February 6, 2008)