Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big Plans for the New Year and the Blog

I have big plans for this New Year and the blog.  I want my life to be about recovery and hope.  I want to share with you all as I make forward progress into getting my life back on track.  I want to become a better and more descriptive writer.  I want to get involved with vocational rehabilitation and get off disability.  I want to be a self supporting man -- a man of means, full of hope and goodwill.  I also want to get involved in A.A. again.  I am lamenting the fact that so few meetings are now held locally.  I tend to be a perfectionist, an all or nothing fellow, and want to go to meetings twice a day.  I can't do that without a car.  Thank you all for reading along and I hope this journey proves beneficial to you as well.  HOPE and RECOVERY.  That is my new mantra.  Damn, I feel so good. 


Leon said...

Andrew, it is so good to hear you so upbeat and positive. I truly hope that you move ahead and succeed and with a minimum of the mood swings that had been punctuating some of your posts.

Have a wonderful and satisfying year in 2008. :-D

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Well if you are passing through London we will keeping a seat for you, and there might even be a overpriced coffee in it for you afterwards if you play your cards right!

in the meantime seek out the AA members who embody the most REAL positivity you can get your greasy little hands on. Its first come first served. There are no authorities remember? so that means you have to suss them out and pick the VERY best members and meetings you can find.
why settle for second best?
go for gold!
its free, so picking the best wont cost you a PENNY. cool!

andrew is going to check out a few meetings!

this vid is cool.

jane said...

what a hopeful post, a perfect note upon which to start the new year. all the best to you.

Mike said...

Andrew, it is so good to hear you so hopeful and positive. I can relate to your aspirations. I too want to keep pressing forward in my recovery in this new year. It is really good for me to read a post like this. Take care!

Kelly Jene said...

I thank God for your joy and attitude. I will take each thing you listed and pray for it throughout the year.

Cheryl said...

I'm wondering if you could get in touch with a bigger, more active meeting in the next town and arrange for a member to pick you up. I wouldn't be surprised if someone were more than willing to do that. AA sounds like a very supporting community of people.