Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Best Two Days of my Life...

It's is fifteen degrees outside.  I set up my tent and threw my sleeping bag inside.  Nightfall came with Rosa anxiously awaiting what I would do.

"I can't do it," I told her of sleeping outside as I grinned. "I just can't forego my warm bed for this."

"Good," she replied. "I was really going to question your mental health if you did."

I laughed.  It did sound kind of crazy didn't it?

Charlie came last night for the last time to bring my medications.

"Charlie," I told him. "I've had the best two days of my life as far as me doing well and none of my family was around to see it.  Isn't that just my luck?  They only see when I am doing badly."

Charlie laughed and said, "Me and you have the same luck!  Nobody ever gives a shit about me.  Join the crowd."

It has been very pleasant having Charlie come every night.  He always brings a bag of fast food and a twelve pack of diet cokes.  It happened every night.  Last night he brought me two Big Macs, an apple pie, and some fries.  One of the sandwiches I gave to Rosa which she hungrily ate.  We split the apple pie and munched on the extra large fries for the rest of the night.  Little things like this make life so pleasant and worth living. 


Amy Palko said...

You're right, Andrew, it is the little things that make life worth living.
Btw, I was thinking of you this morning when I looked out of the window, as I saw great big fluffy snowflakes drift passed my window. I don't know if it'll lie, but I'm hoping so, as it would make for some great photos. Any snow your way yet?

Lives Less Ordinary

Summer said...

Has your father been out of town? Seems that it's been far more pleasant to have Charlie bring your meds than your dad. Ha!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Ignore your visiting troll. he says the SAME ol same ol to ANYONE who mentions AA.
Mot enable moderation and delete any of his posts that show up. I suggest you do the same.

yeah nice story!
friends are good, aren't they? charlie sounds like a nice guy.

justLacey said...

You are right, it's sometimes the little unexpected things that bring us the greatest joy. It's 37 here this morning and I can't imagine even going outside much less sleeping there. I'm a Florida girl though, my blood is thin.

justLacey said...

Oh and Mickey, sometimes organized religion is the biggest cult of all.

happy homemaker said...

I would have done the same and chosen my nice warm bed too!!:)
Yummy!Big Macs are my favorite!!
You seem so much happier with Rosa and Charlie in your life. It would be nice if Charlie could continue to bring your meds. I know how you dread your father bringing them. I know he means well but you have felt so much better without the negativity around!!
I agree the little things in life are what makes it worth living!!:)

Please ignore Micky's comments!!

amelia said...

Good Grief!! Some people are such idiots!! Ignore him Andrew!

You'd like it here this morning, it's -35!!!

C.A. said...

I'm so glad you didn't sleep outside last night! :) Is there any way Charlie can just be designated as the one who brings your meds? Things seem much more peaceful (and yummy with the food!) when he does.

Wishing you a wonderful day,'s a lovely THREE DEGREES here, ROFL. What do you think Maggie would do in the snow? :)

Blue Gardenia said...

Dear Andrew,

You are doing good and don't be swayed by either religion or anti- AA people or anti-psychiatry people. Never knock the program or medicine or therepy that is trying to help you. All things have their useful purposes and harmful side-effects even if inadventantly. Enjoy the lucid periods in this disorder and if your recent compiance to your meds regime has caused it then keep up the good work. If this is blip on the radar screen of schiz and it is only temporary, then enjoy it while it lasts and hope for more and longer periods of feeling good. You are a good person. Stay clean and sober and fight the good fight against schiz as best you can. Maggie seems to be an especially brave and staunch ally.

mosiacmind said...

OH MY GOODNESS....if I could encourage you to erase those ccmments from the aa hater...guess he and i would have lots to talk about since i love jesus and other christians i know are in the aa or na 12 step programs. sure i do not go often but that is mainly because of ride of the deepest God loving spiritual person i know is involved in two of the 12 step program............enough about the intruder on your would be so great if charles could bring your meds every day and make sure you have pop and meals,hope that you have a good is 14 degrees here...brrrrrr

PipeTobacco said...


I am glad you are having a good day! Enjoy the splendor that is every day. I am not sure if you read my site anymore, but in today's essay, you will see I have a scheduled meeting with a priest to talk to him about my own feelings of grief. I am hoping it goes well.

If I have one word of advice for you today sir, as you look into the prospects for job rehabilitation... it is simply this... think moderately about what you will undertake. The program(s) will all be useful and wonderful to you, I am sure. But, try to avoid the risk of taking on too much all at once so you get overwhelmed and allow yourself to be defeated. Instead, try to take on only a moderate amount of the ideas you learn, and implement them in a long-term, consistent fashion. I suspect if you do this, you will feel a FAR greater sense of accomplishment than you have felt in a good while. And, your sense of accomplishment will be far, far greater than if you try to do everything all at once but peter out from exhaustion after only a few days.

Your friend,


Blue Gardenia said...

Hey Andrew,

I just visited Micky's Blog. Please pray for him as he is sicker than both of us combined times 10!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Wow, busy day here in comment-land.


I so believe that it's the little things in life that can bring the biggest joy.

Have a wonderful day - enjoy your joy.

pattycakes said...

wow this is one scary guy , thats exactly the kind of preacher kind of person i really dont want in my life. i can only imagine what kind of a lonely life he must have. i pity any children he has and what they must go thru just to live with him or have him in their lives. but andrew im so glad you are doing so well. it seems since rosa is back you are so much better. keep on going the way you are and dont listen to weird people ;) have a great day

Barb said...

If you are able, sift through the rubble and see the true gifts of friendship...see my comment, feel my support of you, know my continued good thought and prayers, surround you this day. I pray that the good two days that you have had, turn into more and more.

ac said...

I'm so happy to know you didn't sleep outside last night.

warm bed = great joy HA!

The frost was on the pumpkin this morning here in acland.

Stay warm up there! ac