Sunday, January 20, 2008


I ran into Ferret this morning at the shopping center.  Amazingly, he braved last night's snow and cold in his tent.

"My feet got numb, but other than that, I was fine," he said. "It was hard getting up this morning though.  I had a terrible hangover."

It was 30 degrees this morning as we sat briefly talking.  I couldn't stand the cold for long and went to do some shopping in the grocery store.  I kept thinking of Ferret and how raw and visceral his experience must have been.  I have often been an arm chair survivalist and dreamt of walking in Ferret's shoes.  

I bought Ferret a roast beef sandwich from the deli and handed it to him as I walked past leaving the store.

"Thanks, bro," he told me.

"I am coming to do some camping with you," I told him.

"Bring some beer," Ferret snidely replied.

I smiled and took it well.  I've come too far to be gambling with my sobriety by buying beer though.  I then headed home to gather my tent, sleeping bag, and big Kelty backpack.  We are going camping tonight and the low is supposed to get down to nineteen degrees.  I am so excited!!!!    


Sharyna said...

Believe it or not, you have an enviable life. I wish I could pick up and follow my dreams. Wish I had f2f friends to do it all with.


Judy Rahn said...

I can understand you yearn to go camping even with the cold and all. And I can understand your concern for Ferret. And I admire your resolve to not purchase beer... But please, don't go anyplace near Ferret's camp. I fear it will be to familiar to your past experiences. Stay away from that for now. Please?

BTW: good to hear Joyce has returned home.

mosiacmind said...

I want to ditto what judy said. I am concerned for you. We are not the same people but just wanted to add that even after fifteen years I am not sure if I could hang out with Ferret and not drink. It would be great if you could! I was also wondering are you going to wait until after your dad comes so that he will not be worried about you...what about seeing if Rosa will camp with you or at least hang out with you there for awhile.I know you know this but I do care lots...please take beyone good but great care of yourself tonight friend.

Nobody Of Note said...

Judy and Mosaic are truly good friends to be so concerned for you. The thought of being able to pick up and go camping, even just for one night sounds like therapy to me. Maybe you can make it more like camping by taking Ferret and your tents outside the area of risk, even if it's not very far?
Either way, stay warm!

Barb said...

Stay very warm friend, and remember who loves you, and that love is too strong to risk. You will be surrounded with prayer.