Thursday, January 10, 2008

Aimlessly, We Wander...

This afternoon found me aimlessly occupying the bench next to the dollar store. Rosa was with me. She loves to hang out down there and smoke cigarettes. We had just eaten a lunch of tuna sandwiches at Rosa's house.

"This is just like my homeless days, except there are few homeless people," she told me.

"You are forgetting Ferret," I replied.

"He's homeless by choice. He doesn't count," Rosa responded.

I laughed.

I had heard from Clara this morning and was telling Big S about it.

"She has turned her life around," I said. "She is still sober, going to outpatient treatment, and attending A.A. meetings."

"Damn," Big S replied. "That is hard to believe. She was worse than Ferret when it comes to drinking."

"Believe it, my friend," I said.

Now, Rosa has expressed some jealously over my and Clara's relationship. I have to be careful about what I will say. I didn't tell Big S much. He was glad to hear what I did have to say though. The gang forms a close bond with each other -- kind of a poor man's truce. We all look out for each other and help each other.

"Did you and Clara date when we were broken up?" Rosa asked.

"No," was all I said, and I quickly changed the subject.

Ferret was no where to be seen today. Probably sleeping off this morning's early drunk. I could picture him wrapped up in his sleeping bag in his tent in that little clearing in the woods. The thought made me long to go camping.


Scott said...

Cool! I just noticed your sobriety counter! I have one too! Of course it really isn't accrate to the hour, minute, or second, because that last drunk was a little hazy. Good for you, coming up on two months!

justLacey said...

I'm glad Clara is doing well. I have to say I was surprised she gave up the drinking. You see, your words and experiences do not always fall on deaf ears. Even when people act like they aren't hearing it, they may be.
Job well done Andrew. You scored some points towards your angel wings.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm so proud of Clara! What a change she has made. You know the first post I ever read on your blog was about her.

You had an influence on her and look what happened!

Tee said...

So glad Clara is doing well. I think the less you say about her the better off your will be when it comes to Rosa. It's difficult for us women to share their man with other women, if you know what I mean. :-) Just be cool, don't stop your contact with Clara, you just don't have to keep Rosa posted on her progress. If those walls of that cotton mill could talk...what stories you would have.


From me,

I do hope Ferret is alright though..