Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ah, Benadryl...

I was trying to talk Ferret into taking Benadryl instead of drinking today.  Ferret's drinking is getting out of hand and he is soon to be homeless again.

"You sure that shit will fuck you up?" Ferret asked.

"Take four and you will feel a mellow buzz," I replied. "Take six and you are feeling good."

"How much does it cost?"

"The generic Benadryl costs $2.99 for a 24 pack at Kroger."

I was thinking Benadryl would be better on his kidneys and liver. He would be more likely to go to sleep instead of binge drinking all night like he tends to do.  It certainly is far cheaper than the $6.49 Ferret plonks down on a twelve pack of Natural Ice Beer every afternoon.


Barb said...

I guess exchanging one addiction for another can be adventageous, only when one addiction is less damaging to the addicted. In this case, Benedryl is the lesser of the two evils. Good luck convincing Ferret of the exchange. He overuses alcohol because he gets a payoff, figuring what the payoff is in this scenerio is the tricky part. Good luck!!!


M said...

i am a huge believer in benadryl...and you are so true that it can make a person mellow...

i call it "doing the dryl"

when my allergies and asthma were bad i took the dryl a lot and i would tell people i was 'illing and pilling'...

i became concerned when i would purposely take it to adjust my mood. i knew the exact combination of benadryl and sudafed and beer and coffee i needed to find my sweet spot.


you're kind to concern yourself with him, you're a good person to have in his life!

yeah, 48+days!! :)