Friday, January 25, 2008

4 Wheels of Envy

It is so nice to be able to drive down to the shopping center.  A car can make me so lazy when it comes to walking.  It was quite a lengthy walk down there.

Ferret was asking me about my car this morning and it was making me uncomfortable.  I am so suspicious these days. 

"How did you get that car?" he asked.

"My parents gave it to me," I replied.

"How many miles on it?"


"You're are spoiled fucking rotten," Ferret said. "That car is like brand new for a Honda.  You are a daddy's boy."

"Bah!" I said as I got up to walk away.  It was time for the job hunt. 

Mom is coming by to take me to buy gas for my car.  I plan on hitting up some of the local businesses for a job.  It is what Ferret should be doing instead of berating me for my good fortune.  I am so damn tired of not having any money at all.  I've spent the last of my blog advertising cash on Diet Cokes.  I am ready to start getting a paycheck. 


Sharyna said...

Good luck on the job hunt! Hope you find something interesting.


Blue Gardenia said...

Good Andrew,

It is okay to start small. I always thought that being a cashier in the front end of a drugstore would be nice. I know your father has a drug store but you are probably loathe to work for him. Good luck, my friend.


mosiacmind said...

Good for you...just start small if i were you and make sure it is a job where you think you can handle the stress of it...i have to do that not trying to say anything but what helped me.i know when i am working it helps me lots..

Ladyfriend said...

Okay...this may sound crazy...what about a paper route? You get to walk a lot (or drive :) and it seems pretty low stress. You don't have to deal with people too much. At least it seems that way to me!

Good luck!!

Rhette said...

No one should have to apologize for their good fortune. Andrew, your kindness & generosity for people has surpassed whatever fortune your parents may have.

People will always be envious, it's just the way of the world. You know first hand what it is like to be in need of money, you're going through it right now but you're trying to change that :)

Debbie said...

me too! i cant wait ti get my forst paycheck!

i just finished my first week at my new job.

Tee said...

Andrew, don't listen to Ferret! Sounds like he might be a tad jealous. Be thankful for the generosity of your parents.