Sunday, December 9, 2007

Words of Wisdom

"Sometimes we hear an alcoholic say that the only thing he needs to do is to keep sober. Certainly he must keep sober, for there will be no home if he doesn't. But he is yet a long way from making good to the wife or parents whom for years he has so shockingly treated."

p.82, Into Action, Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition


Kelly Jene said...

That seems so harsh. But I went through a really hard time earlier this year and due to the way I treated some very close people in my life, I have had to make it up to them, now that I'm doing better.

((hugs for Andrew))

justLacey said...

It may seem harsh, but perhsps the treatment and maybe years of it was harsh too. I have had some problems with my own grown daughter. She has a problem with telling the truth, so therefore it is hard for me to believe her. I would only be too happy for her to make good and for us to move on, but so far it hasn't happened yet. I often wonder if she even knows the truth. Perhaps it's her perception of the truth that is the problem. Still Andrew, all we really want for our children in life is for them to be happy and able to care for themselves. We mean no harm in it.

Ellie said...

This seems very much both astonishing, and also a wide awakening. I think that you are doing amazing with your staying sober. Rock on, Andrew!

Good luck with the week,

mosiacmind said...

Thinking of you. I went to sleep before I could email you a second time or blog. I hope that you slept great and are having a good day

Jbeeky said...

I think it is so sweet and good that even when you are frustrated you think of your blessings.