Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I woke up thinking of snow and ice this morning. Brrrr. Our neighbors to the north got some pretty decent snowfall to start off December. Some even got an ice storm. It is that time of the year that I habitually frequent weather blogs and weather websites that went neglected all throughout the summer months. I become a man obsessed.

"Don't you want it to snow?" I asked Charlie last night as we were sitting in my den watching the weather coverage.

"Dammit! Hell no!" he exclaimed as he laughed. "I don't want to have to drive in that mess!"

I had dreamed I was homeless and it snowed last night, and I was having trouble keeping the snow out of my tent and sleeping bag. I woke up feeling bitterly cold and immediately walked into my hall to turn the heat up.

Part of the morning was spent down at the shopping center. The sky was drab and overcast as I walked down and managed to finagle some spare change out of Slop for a soda. Slop was talking incessantly about football this morning. Yawn. I am just not into football this year. I could care less.

"Blah, blah, blah. SEC championship," he said. "Blah, blah, blah, Auburn Tigers."

That is exactly how it sounded to me. In one ear and out the other. Like a bunch of garbled gobblety gook. He finally asked me about Clara, breaking the monotony of football speak.

"She's doing fine," I told him. "I want to go see her badly."

"You're in love," Slop said as he grinned feverishly.

"No I am not!" I exclaimed as I blushed.

I walked on home thinking of Clara and her new life. Nestled in her safe and warm apartment. Spending her days working in that thrift shop and going to AA meetings at night. It seemed like such a very pleasant existence -- so very pleasant. I was almost envious of her and her good fortune. I wondered if I was in love with her. I have missed her friendship so dearly and those lazy summer days spent down at the shopping center seem so far removed from my life these days.


Mo said...

We had snow here too. It didn't stick in the lowlands but it was so pretty to watch it coming down.

Today? Nothing but rain and more rain. Tomorrow? The winds arrive to accompany the winds.

Ahh, such is the life in the Pacific Northwest.

Beautifully Profound said...

Hmm, love complicates things. As you surely should already know.

Have a great Sunday Andrew. I will have some snowy pictures for you tonight I think.

nengaku said...

SNOW! Congratulations!

Sharyna said...

I was wondering about you and Clara. Rosa seemed to think something was up between you two. Why don't you save up some gas money and go visit her. You can see where she lives and works and go to a meeting with her.


justLacey said...

Clara is following AA. No romantic relationships for a year. Go and visit, but don't undermine her progress. She has done so well already.

Kelly Jene said...

What a sweet blog. There is love even in friendships. I am so happy she is doing well. And you helped her, Andrew. Be proud.

And I'm with you, football stinks!


HAHAH! I love what Kelly Jene said-I'm around it quite a bit-matter of fact it's sitting here yelling on the tele -but it is my Chicago Bears..but football..if you want to be sportie talk fine, but change it up too much football makes my head go gagga.
Are you missing Clara because you feel like she filled a void especially now with the inconsistencies of Rosa, Joyce having a low point in her illness, and with George being sick..I wonder if you're craving change because hmm, I dunno...
BUT snow! YEs we did get. SimonSays area had a plane that slid off the runway that was due to leave her area to come to my area...they shut down her airport for hours..We had lots of wind-brrr,...and ice..and snow that is gone today being 42degrees..yesterday? 21 and that doesn't include the windchill.

If Clara's In Ohio..if you go, you'll get to see snow! :)


Summer said...

OMG you made me laugh out loud! Blah, blah, blah, SEC, football, blah. I don't hear it either, I just tune out. Wouldn't it be great to have someone around us every day that talks about things that we like to hear about? I thought of you this morning, as most Sunday mornings find my TV tuned to the weather channel. No snow for us, or ice, just a sprinkling of rain. A very grey day.

I hope you're warm and happy tonight. Sweet dreams.

Cheryl said...

I wish you had some buddies to hang out with there. Any chance of trying AA again? Even if it's just to be around other people. You must be lonely. I know I would be.