Tuesday, December 18, 2007

White Christmas Denied

"No snow, Christmas," I told Ferret this morning, feeling depressed and melancholy. "They once again changed the GFS output models."

Ferret raised an eyebrow and said, "Thank goodness. Who wants snow anyway?"

I carefully watched Ferret as he drank a strong cup of coffee with a liberal dollop of liquor near me. I could smell that sweet and acrid smell of alcohol and coffee wafting my way. I so wanted to join him.

"What's been going on in AA?" Ferret asked me, smoking a cigarette, as he jolted me out of my alcoholic induced trance.

"I no longer go to AA," I replied. "I haven't been in forever."

"The whole AA thing is just strange," Ferret said, taking another drag from his cigarette. "Those AA people are brainwashed."

My first inclination was to defend my AA friends, but I just sat there quietly watching people coming to and from the grocery store. It was going to be another listless morning at the shopping center.

Later this morning, the temperature was hovering around 37 degrees. Clouds began to roll in and I got excited.

"Maybe this cloud cover will keep the temperatures cold," I muttered aloud as I briskly walked home.

I keep hoping the weather guessers will get the forecast wrong, and snow will come our way. It will take some miracle from God for that to happen though. I live entirely too close to the moderating effects of the Gulf of Mexico for that to happen.


justLacey said...

The AA people aren't any more brainwashed than the alcoholics are by the liquor industry. Commercials show young and sexy people drinking, not some poor old homeless guy chugging mouthwash under the overpass. I suppose it's all how you look at it.
We will keep our fingers crossed that the weather models will change and you'll get your Christmas snow. This is the time for miracles isn't it?

abbagirl74 said...

Hey booger. I am sorry you haven't seen any snow. I wish I could send some your way. Hope you are having a great day. I missed you yesterday.

madamspud169 said...

With the way the weather is changing because of all the global warming and stuff you could just start getting snow. You never know.
No-one knows for sure what our mistreatment of the planet will do.

rut said...

I do hope you get some light x-mas snow. Where I am at we have already 6 inches, and to top it off we might get a foot this weekend, they are calling for a blizzard. And I still have shopping to do this weekend. Wish us luck, and if I could, I would send some to you!!

Sharyna said...

I wish I could mail you our snow. It's starting to pile up and Fred is getting that "Let's go shovel" look!



sorry about the snow. :(
like i've said before, If I could ship snow to you, I would in a heart beat!

simonsays said...

Well Damn Andrew, I want you to have snow, too!

I will keep my fingers crossed. The weather gods have certainly been wrong before..

Have a good evening!

nengaku said...

Andrew - A.A. is just another tool to help you fight addiction. Nothing more. Nothing less. But if I was an alcoholic I would want every single tool possible in my toolbox. It takes ALL of them to survive this disease.

We've got plenty of snow up here. Take a look at my blog for pics.

Peace, brother.
And go pick up a chip in a couple of days. Woohoo!

Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry you don't have snow. We only have rain here... cold rain. Yuck. I think even I would like some fluffy white stuff for the holidays.

Take care!

Cheryl said...

You're living a little too south for much snow. Still..you never know. It would be very cool to have oh, about a foot of it in AL. Has that ever happened?

Andrew said...


It happened during the super storm of 1993. I couldn't get out of my home there was so much snow piled on the side of my house. I wish I would have appreciated it better then.