Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What do you do when you get depressed?

Depression is normal seems to be the consensus. My old way of dealing with depression was to drink. I no longer have that option and I shudder at the thought of taking yet one more pill. I am tired of pills and want to feel raw emotion. If I am down, I want to experience it. You never know normal if you've never experienced the normal ups and downs of life. Yesterday, would have been prime time drinking time for me. I am proud of myself for soldiering on despite some pretty deep funks and coming out victorious today.

I live with it and cry my heart out.

28 (19%)

I go to the doctor and take medication.

20 (14%)

It is normal to be depressed sometimes.

57 (40%)

I think happy thoughts and shake it off.

15 (10%)

I go to bed.

21 (14%)

Votes so far: 141
Days left to vote: 6


Grad007 said...

I wanted to choose two of your poll options. Firstly, I'm on antidepressants all the time, and they help me. Still there are times when I feel really down and hopeless. Then I mostly cry a lot. Very rarely it has helped me to remind myself that the negative thoughts are the product of chemical processes in the brain, which are reinforced the more negative I think. Thinking about the nature of the downward spiral is as close as I get to deliberately redirecting my thoughts in a more postive direction, in the manner of 'think happy thoughts'.

Portia said...

Interesting results. I think occasional depression is normal, but so many people deal with more than the occasional depression, that that is also normal. If that makes sense. Normal is a hard word for me because everything is so relative. What makes something normal? Just a majority vote? Then, do I even want it?
Major kudos on getting through a tough day sober! I know it was not easy.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm proud of you too, Andrew!

bean said...

Good for you for another day sober!!
I think depression is normal in that everyone feels some degree of depression. But the severity of it is different for each person, much like a pain tolerance. I've taken antidepressants and various other drugs so that others would think that my medicated state was "normal" but it wasn't normal for me. I've found that my normal has varying degrees of depression, mania, and relatively calm states. For me, it just matters how I handle them. I used to drink every time I was out, but I don't anymore. Yeah I was the party girl but I hated that part of myself secretly. Now I'm not that same party girl, but I'm okay with that, even if others aren't. What I think is funny about the whole thing is that no one thinks you're normal, okay, stable or whatever unless you are a "shiny happy person" like them. They can't deal with someone who is not cut from their same mold.


Good for you!!
Yes, I voted for cry my heart out..but that's me now.
2years it was talk with my doc and take medication,...before kids it was, either go to bed, or think happy thoughts and shake it off..
when pregnant it was, "this is all normal.." So I guess alot of depression has to do with what else is occurring in your life. too much stress can cause the norm of depression to catapult the physical symptoms to where you'd think you're going to crack while sobbing on the kitchen floor head resting up against the dishwasher.. :)..but that's just me.
I'm sooo glad that you're doing good! :L)

angramainju said...
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