Friday, December 14, 2007

Scoot, Shoot, and Boogey

I hurried home to meet my mother. She had bought me groceries and said she would be over at 2 P.M. I was running late.

"Why the hurry?" Big S asked me.

"Mom has bought me groceries," I replied as I started to walk away.

"Must be nice," Big S said.

I chuckled, but mostly ignored the facetiousness in his voice. It was a short thirty minute walk home beneath a glorious sun. Winter, for us, has been warm so far with beautiful sun filled days with nary a cloud.

I much prefer my mother buying my groceries. I know that sounds lazy, but buying groceries was the most anxiety filled experience for this social anxiety riddled soul. Mom always buys me an eclectic mix of microwave meals that I so enjoy. She also buys me two cartons of my favored cigarillos. I live a sheltered life.

The new heatsink/fan combo I installed on my computer seems to have done the trick. The computer was barely usable and now it has been running nonstop since last night without an abrupt restart. I can forego buying another computer till next year. The computer is so much more quiet as well. My old fan sounded like a 747 taking off. It was aggravating.


justLacey said...

It's raining non-stop here since last night. Cold front coming at the end of the weekend so it will cool off a little next weeek. I'm glad your computer is working better. I know that is a big relief. I love when someone else goes grocery shopping. It's always like a surprise to see what they have bought. If it's my husband though it's usually not anything interesting:(

Chandira said...

For years, I had panic attacks in the grocery store! I understand. :-)

glittermom said...

Moms are always there to take care of their sons...I believe they love them best...

mosiacmind said...

I can relate to panic attacks in the grocery stores. Yesterday my friend Maureen took me and it was easeir with someone else there with me....yet I still have times that I need to ask someone to go in for me due to the panic attacks. Hope that you have a great day

STACY'S TRIP said...

i wish someone would do my shopping then i wouldn't over spend. It like I buy way too much at the store. Especially right at the check out counter.

rmorales-biz said...

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Kelly Jene said...

Your mom is a doll! She truly loves you so much.

I'm glad your computer is working better. As much as I'm on, any little glitch drives me batty! Take care friend! ((hugs))

Anonymous Boxer said...

I hate white noise and that computer noise would have annoyed me. Well done on the fix.

It's great that you appreciate your Mom. And I can guarantee you she enjoys shopping for you.

Cheryl said...

Good news all around.

I know that you're quite the cook. Would you consider giving your mother a shopping list so you can make some homemade meals?

And you know, I'm not tired of seeing your pictures. Bring them on!

Mo said...

Moms are the best. I miss mine.

Glad your computer is back up to speed.

AlabamaGal said...

It is nice to not have to go grocery shopping. I am glad your computer is working well now after the repairs.
Good Morning!

simonsays said...

Mom's are the best ever, aren't they?

Have a wonderful day today!


oh boy don't I know what you're talking about with the fan..and I wouldn't know the first thing to do about it! Good that it's better..and you have good grub to delve into.
Happy saturday!!

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

Do you think your Mom would come over to GA and grocery shop for me? LOL I HATE buying groceries. You spend all that money, then you have to come home and put all that stuff up. If we didn't have to eat we would have more time and money. I'll get off my soap box.

I'm so glad the new fan seems to be the solution for your computer problems. I'm impressed by anyone that can work on their computer.