Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Old Habits Die Hard

"Ferret was asking about you," Big S told me down at the shopping center this afternoon.

"What is that old codger up to?" I asked inquisitively. I haven't heard anything about Ferret in weeks. I've missed him and his antics.

"He was buying a bottle of mouthwash," Big S said. "That dumb bastard is going to pickle his insides."

"Damn," I muttered as I sat down next to Big S and lit up a cigarillo. "You sure it was mouthwash?"

"$1.25 a bottle," Big S said. "He borrowed the money from me."

My stomach did flip-flops thinking of Ferret drinking that swill. I was genuinely dismayed that he had started back drinking. He had been doing so well for awhile there. I can't say much though. I have been known to drink it myself during desperate moments. You reek of mint for days afterwards and your stomach is torn up something terribly.

"What are you doing today?" Big S asked.

"I am avoiding Rosa," I replied. "She has called all morning wanting me to take her somewhere. I walked down here for the peace and quiet. That phone ringing drives me crazy."

Big S laughed jovially.

"I thought you two had broken up," Big S said.

"We have," I replied. "Old habits die hard. She hasn't gotten the hint."

Big S then let me borrow 30 cents to buy an orange cola. I walked on home drinking my Sunkist, remarking how beautiful the day was. It almost didn't feel like winter with a warm sun and even warmer temperatures. This always makes me think that really bad weather is on the way.

I never made it to the library or Goodwill. I couldn't bring myself to get presentable to do that. Luckily, Big S doesn't care what I look like and I was certainly looking like a homeless man this afternoon. I will try again tomorrow. I felt so tired today. Maybe it was my medications, but I couldn't even bother to put on clean clothes and I haven't shaved in days. I am definitely looking rough these days. At least, I took a shower this morning so I didn't smell like a homeless man. :-)


Ryan said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't make to the library. Have another go tomorrow :)

Sharyna said...

I understand the library thing. What seems like a good idea one minute, changes to something daunting the next. I can't believe you're so worldly at age 35 something! Young enough to be one of my kids.


Debbie said...

i like the scruffy look on a man! just look at hollywood! or cmt tv. its the in thing. lol.

mosiacmind said...

there are days that lots of us do not look like much. i am glad that you got out and got to talk to
big s. it also was a great choice for you to get out. you will know when or if you want to check out the library or other places.

Kelly Jene said...

Pamper yourself... it makes it easier to get presentable. I hope you can make it to the library!


SUNKIST For 30cents? thats it, the crustyfamily is moving south of the MD line!

Don't pressure yourself that much, when you're ready, you will be good.
I can actually see you as a friendly bell ringer outside certain stores..just tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!! bah humbug to those that tell us we can't say it...! :) I've always wanted to be a bell ringer!
So what types of traditions are you going to implement for yourself and Maggie this Christmas?

Crusty~ :)
21...RoX ON!

Anonymous Boxer said...

There is ALWAYS tomorrow, Andrew.

But the shower? That was a good idea. :-)

CJM-R said...

It is hard to stay motivated, but like everyone has said, it will happen when you are ready.

Man that would be something if you get snow! I so hope you do. I can imagine the great photos you will take!