Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Car was Stolen

My car was stolen last night.  I just now noticed it going out to the trash.  I will keep you all informed on what happened to it.  The police are on their way. 


Sharyna said...

OMG!! Who would steal a poor guy's car!?! What did the cops say?


justLacey said...

How did you not notice when you went to the shopping center? That totally sucks. I had my back window shot out a couple of months ago and awoke to the cops knocking on the door to tell me. What really got me was that I only had the car for about 3 months. It was brand new. I haven't fel the same towards it since. People are always out to mess up someone elses fun.

Rich said...

Hope you get your wheels back dude - what a bummer!!

Andrew said...

Hey Lacey,

I don't know. They could have stolen it in the time I got home and fixed lunch. Maggie didn't raise a fuss and I was walking out to the trash and didn't notice it until I was coming back inside. Thank god for full coverage insurance. My father says it's on it's way to Mexico right now! LOL

cyotteeflower said...

Both my daughter and myself has had a car stolen and it is very unraveling.Mine was stolen in a good neighborhood in KC,Mo. and my daughters was stolen in a so-so area of Miami,Fla.I was going to say it is common these days but mine happened in 1979 and my daughter in 1994, seems to have been a problem for quite a length of time.
My heart goes out to you Andrew and I am proud of the way you are coping!