Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Forward Progress

I contacted Easter Seals/Achievement Center this morning via email.  It was about job rehabilitation and a day program for adults.  I hope to get involved with both.  Hopefully, they will have transportation to the day program in Opelika.  I see the bus sitting outside my old neighbor's house most mornings.   I am keeping my fingers crossed though.  These programs are hard to get enrolled in and are funded by charity and charitable giving.  As with anything, their resources are finite.  I am praying very hard that they will help me and I can get involved.  I am trying not to get excited so as not to be let down, but my highest hopes are on this program.  

I like where someone suggested a group living home.  I really need some kind of rehabilitation like that to help me with my days, but the funding for such a thing would be prohibitive.  I do not like to admit it, but I realize I am truly mentally disabled these days.   The "normal" day to day aspects of life have been escaping me.  I need some kind of rehabilitation to teach me how to live healthily and successfully once again.   My parents never taught me these all important aspects of life and most people take them for granted.  My parents have kind of left me to fend for myself for the most part only coming to buy me groceries or to bring my medications leaving the more difficult aspects up to me such as preparing meals and such.  What may seem simple to you is a major hurdle for me such as eating normally, bathing, social relationships, job skills, etc. lately. These skills only seem to get lost and more muddled the farther I try to go with them on my own these days.  I need rehabilitation badly.  I just need some help and there has to be help out there for people like me.

I am really lamenting the fact that I have grown so disabled.  I used to be so strong and outgoing.  I worked every day for years, but came home to drink myself into a stupor every night.  Maybe the drinking was a bandaid that aided in me keeping it mentally together -- my medication for what ailed me.  I no longer have that bandaid though, nor can I return to it due to my anxiety attacks brought on by it.  There has just got to be some kind of solution for my problem or program to help me.  I feel like I am floundering as it is. I have never been a very religious person, but I am praying earnestly this morning for help.         


Please Welcome Back Pipe Tobacco...

I have reconciled and apologized to my friend Pipe Tobacco.  Please be kind to him and dismiss my paranoid ramblings about him I wrote a few weeks ago.  He has been a long time friend and only wants what is best for me and my efforts.  I encourage him to comment again and hope you will be accommodating as well.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 


CJM-R said...

I am so glad that you sent that e-mail. I will pray for you. Even if you have to get on a waiting list, it will be worth it.

I actually had a dream last night about all of the blogger folks. I realized how much everyone is becoming a part of my life. Why I don't even have contact with my real life friends on such a day to day basis.

You are very clear about what you need, and that is a good start. Hang in there, Andrew!

Sharyna said...

Good for you for making contact with rehab services!! I'll pray they can help you. I also think about being homeless. I fantasize that I tell Fred I'm going to the store and just keep going. The last time I was homeless, I moved from man to man so I have no practical experience there. Good for you for eating, it's very important. Man does not live on cigarillos and diet coke. Keep the faith that a car will enter your future.


justLacey said...

Welcome back to pipe.

Jenni said...

I spent some time getting to know you a little by reading your blog last night. I don't know much about the problems you talk about, but I am so glad to see you setting goals and making plans to overcome them.

Something you said in one of your posts really struck a nerve with me. I have a family member who has different problems, but who has some very similar symptoms. (I don't know that they're true symptoms, but I don't know what else to call them.) I have always felt guilty for not visiting him more often, but I just don't know how to relate to him. He doesn't make it easy, but it is my fault as well as his. Your post really made me think about this particular family member and what I can do to change things. I didn't come up with any answers yet! At least I am trying, though, and I think I will resolve to spend more time with him in the coming year and try harder to relate to him. So, I guess I'm saying thank you for that little push:o)

I'm also so glad to hear that you are praying about your situation. I want you to know that even though you are a new internet acquaintance and I don't know you IRL, I am praying fervently for you.

You are a unique voice on this worldwide web. Your story has a place and a purpose. Please keep telling it. You never know who it will touch or who it will help.

mosiacmind said...

GREAT JOB ANDREW! I hope that you can be proud of yourself. I was remebering how I learned in AA most of us "coped" with our various mental illnesses with drinking or drugging saying that because of your sharing about working and then coming home and drinking. We can email some about BVR and my experience with them. It would be so great if you lived in an area like mine that has LOTS of help in all sorts of areas people who are differently abled. COVA the place I go that BVR pays for is all that they do get people with mental illneses volunteering or working and even have classes and support for people like yourself who have not worked for awhile and might need help just remembeing the basics when one is working like shower and clean clothes and clothes without holes etc I went through that years ago when I started volunteering first and then working...we can email about this I did not mean to get onto a tangent just mainly wanted to say again we understand each other in so many experinces and hopes and dreams.

darla said...

Oh, I'm so glad you reconciled with Pipe. I don't think he ever meant you any harm, Andrew. I'm happy you took the step to reclaiming your friendship.

Tee said...

So glad you have reconciled with your friend, Pipe Tobacco. I'm sure he never intended any harm to you.

Grad007 said...

I'm glad you reconciled too.