Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Gang!

I just drove down to the shopping center.  Big S, Dexter, and Ferret were sitting out front much to my relief.  I was worried no one would be around due to the holidays.  The grocery store and adjacent stores were hopping with activity and last minute shopping. 

"Merry Christmas," I said, passing out packs of cigarillos, Reese's peanut butter cups, and Coca-colas.

"I thought you would never think of me," Big S said with a hearty grin.

"It is going to be a crack head Christmas!" Ferret quipped as he laughed crazily, opening up his peanut butter cups. 

I laughed along and wished I could do more for my unorthodox friends this Christmas.  I could have cooked a big meal at my home, but I am barely surviving the festivities myself.  These souls have nowhere else to go.

"Crack head Christmas?" I asked, intrigued.

"My landlord's wife is cooking Christmas dinner and I have been invited," Ferret replied.  "That's if they can lay off the crack for long enough."

I began to appreciate my mostly calm family, and to be glad I wasn't faced with the dysfunction of Ferret's Christmas as a tenant.

The day before Christmas is traditionally one of the biggest panhandling days of the year.  Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and loose with their spare change.  Alas, the management of the stores down at the shopping center has really clamped down on this activity.  Big S was lamenting the fact that he could be rolling in money by day's end.

"It ain't hurtin' no one," Big S told me, talking about it.

"The say it hurts business," was my reply.

"They just want all the money," Big S said, looking perturbed.  

I smiled warmly and left it at that.  I wished everyone a Merry Christmas and then headed home feeling shaky.  I still feel weak from that terrible anxiety attack last night.  I almost felt as if I had run a marathon the day before. I think I did make Christmas a little brighter for my friends though.  There is no worse feeling than being out of smokes for a smoker on a holiday.  Merry Christmas, indeed!


Sonhos engarrafados said...

Merry christmas!

justLacey said...

I'm sure your mom would have brought the groceries for you to cook for your friends. She might have enjoyed it too. Maybe next year Joyce will be back and you could do a potluck dinner. I think it sounds fun. Nothing fancy. have you ever thought of starting a vegetable garden in your yard? It would fill the time and bring such a sense of joy to eat your own growings.

Andrew said...


I keep saying I am going to put in a vegetable garden in the spring. I have been talking to my father about it. I would love the fresh vegetables. Thank you for your comments. You are a dear friend and I appreciate you very much.


abbagirl74 said...

I am getting ready to leave for the fam's house. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Stop by the blog later if you get a chance.

Cheryl said...

HI Andrew,
I'm about to drive Em and JD to her dad's house for the day and eve, then I'm coming home to relax. I'll write you a proper message then. BTW, you know I use Reader and love it. When I see someone has something new, I click on their blog and actually read the post through the blog itself, not just Reader. That way I can see pictures, and leave comments. I'm so behind right now. It says there's 94 new posts. That's intimidating!

I've been thinking of you, and of course hoping that you're having good days.

impromptublogger said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and relax and enjoy your family.

Barb said...

What a great generous time you spent at the Shopping Center today. I know that people are particularily generous at this time of year, and your friends have to appreciate it. Merry Christmas Andrew, you are in my prayers this day, as I go to the manger to welcome the baby into our lives.


mosiacmind said...

You are so sweet to help out your buddies. Yes I am sure it is a nicer holiday for them. : )