Saturday, December 15, 2007

Medication Du Jour

My mother came over to bring me my medications last night.  She doesn't watch me like a hawk as my father is apt to do.  I carefully slipped the many pills in my pocket when mom wasn't looking.  I already feel better this morning.  I am of the school of thought that if I take my anti-psychotic via injection then I am okay.  All the other pills, my father cajoled the doctor into giving me.  I don't have a mood disorder and I am not so obsessive compulsive as to lower the quality of my life.  I actually enjoy being obsessive and compulsive to a certain extent.  It certainly brings out my creativity and production writing wise. 

"Joyce sure was crazy the other night," Mom told me sitting in my lounge chair with Maggie in her lap. "She was pitiful."

"I don't think I will see her till after Christmas," I replied.

"Was her counting her pills over and over getting on your nerves?" mom asked.

"Yeah, it was pretty over-the-top."

My mother left me the other night with Joyce, telling me later that she just couldn't take all that.  Joyce is normally a reserved, pious, and religious woman and it was disturbing to me the way she was cussing up a storm.  I had never heard such foul language come from a woman before other than Rosa.  It definitely hit home the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspects of mental illness. 


Summer said...

Thanks for your kind comment over at my place. I'm going to email you.


More snow my friend, is it snowing yet by you?
Miss ya,

Blue Gardenia said...

OCD symptoms have a positive side as well. As long as you don't get overwhelmed with a ceaseless, repetitive thing then some OCD is good for some things. I am allowed to titrate my own meds and take as few or none at all. This is good but one has to be extremely self-critical in order not to fail and become too psychotic. Many mild psychotic symptoms are addictive as well. Who wants to be normal when you can be euphoric over the littlest of things. That is what makes good writers.

M said...

yeah, i think that anti-pychotic meds sound necessary. mood do is an iffy diagnosis somewhat based on the perceptions of the one doing the diagnosis. obsessive you say, as long as it isnt interfering with your life, then why take a drug for it?

thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. i am checking the weather right now.i expected to wake up to snow. i had my books ready so i could spend a day inside reading.

no snow! wha ha?

mosiacmind said...

I hope for Joyce that the place where she is at keeps her until she is really stable.It is frustrating though with insurance and Medicare and Medicaid that no matter what one might be in the hospital for they do not keep one long was considered a long stay for me when I was admitted on a Monday and was released on the next Sunday....years ago my first inpatient was like a month plus! I sure hope not to ever ever have to stay that long again! It sounds like Joyce might benefit from perhaps for a bit living in a group home or something. I sure feel for her. I think you would be thrilled if you were in Ohio because we are expected to get between two and four inches between this afternoon and tomorrow evening.
What is the latest forecast of when your area will get snow?

mosiacmind said...
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Golden To Silver Val said...

Andrew, every time you play with your a few days you have an episode. I really wish you could go see your doctor by yourself and talk to him about how you REALLY feel about taking all of those pills....instead of just omitting them on your own.
Blessings to you and please be careful. Val

CJM-R said...

I think of you everytime I am in an interview with a teen-ager and someone is begging the student to take the meds.

I see it through a whole new perspective because of what you have shared on this blog.

Thank you, Andrew!

Anonymous Boxer said...

My heart breaks for Joyce. I hope she's home soon.

Rhette said...

Hi Andrew!
Hope all is well with you

Kelly Jene said...

I hope Joyce gets the help she needs. My thoughts are with you!

Sharyna said...

Bad boy, not taking your pills!! LOL I know how you feel. I went off mine and am starting to feel much better.


yusufyusuf said...

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