Monday, December 3, 2007

LJ's (Little Joys)

  1. My friend Mosaic Mind is out of the hospital and we are emailing again. I've been worried about her and missed her dearly.
  2. Joyce is at a safe place and assured me on the phone this morning that she will be home for Christmas. If I were her doctor, I would take her off all those medications and try just one anti-psychotic at a time till we found one that works.
  3. I have a paid for home.
  4. My utilities and the Internet are paid in full for the month.
  5. My car has a half a tank of gas so I can take my joy ride out Spring Road at sunset.
  6. I am healthy physically.
  7. I get a Christmas tree and decorations next weekend! Yea!!!!
  8. Maggie is content and happy. She was just outside playing fetch with me as I was trying to take some photographs.
  9. I am not in prison like my father reminds me every time he sees me. He says I should be in prison for the amount I used to drink and drive.


robl132 said...

A few years back I got REALLY sick with liver and kidney failure from drinking. I survived. (duh). I remember being in the hospital ICU for 30 days. I felt lost within the system. I felt I had no control and other people (not family) were making decisions for me. Lost in the mental health system. I knew I wasn't crazy. (not by my perception) I had to battle to get "free".

I can relate to getting stuck in the mental health system, and at times feel there is no way out. I don't think some people understand when I say "stuck".

So for right now, let's float with boat. OK? You seem to be doing the right things.

I have four years. I can't picture myself drinking again. But...I'm ultra careful. And I still go to meetings.

Kelly Jene said...

10. You have friends online who actually and truly care about you, even if we've never met.

11. You have a wonderful camera that allows your creativity to spark and take extraordinary pictures.

(just thought i'd help!)

Rich said...

It's always good to take inventory of what we can feel grateful for.

good post

Lynette said...

It may not be, but it sounds like your Dad is trying for a little humor here.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I think this should be called

"Big Joys"


mosiacmind said...

I liked reading your lj's. I know it helps me when I remember things like the lj's I am glad to be back home as I wrote some about it on my blog. I loved the pictures of Maggie too.

Irishcoda said...

It always helps me to remember my LJs when things are tough. You have a good list!

Irishcoda said...

Oh...I would add an LJ that you have a camera and take beautiful pictures! :)

M said...

paid for home...definitely something to be thankful for!



Arf-Hi maggie. :)

CJM-R said...

It is always so good to put down those LJs. You have a great list.

I think you are right about Joyce getting off of all her meds and starting over. I see that happen a lot with our population and it makes a huge difference. Hopefully, the her doctor will give that a try.

Good night!