Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Homeless in Long Beach

It is that most wonderful time of year for homeless people. There is something about the Thanksgiving holiday and approaching Christmas celebration that brings out the goodness in people. Perhaps seeing a tattered homeless person causes them to feel grateful for the things they have and the giving spirit of Christianity takes a hold of their hearts. Churches, that regularly prepare and serve food for the homeless and hungry, have an overabundance of volunteers at this time of the year. It seems that everyone wants to do something special to help brighten up a homeless person's life during the Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday season. Homeless people truly appreciate the generosity of spirit, but also chuckle about the lack of help come January and February.

Read more at Homeless in Long Beach.  A wonderful blog authored by a wonderful writer. Mary was homeless and is now homed by a special program called Safe Haven.  She writes for extra income through Associated Content


Ryan said...

Interesting blog, that one. In response to your comment on my blog, I hope you get the curtains you want!


alyceclover said...

Thank you. As I transferred my website to a blog I was not sure where to list your blog. Catching up on my reading today, The Homeless Guy is in another why bother to blog mood. You, of course encouraged me to continue, when I was ready to quit. I kept wondering who that Andrew was. How ironic that I saw your comment on Norsehorse's blog today and find you have found my new blog.

Anyway, it was The Homeless Guy's first AC article that enticed me to give it a try. Someone at AC wrote an article listing the Top 10 AC articles in 2007. The Homeless Guy's article on how a homeless person can start a career as a writer was among that 10.

I do not much care for Pay Pal, but those articles bring in a steady flow of spare change. With some effort that amount could be doubled or tripled.

Wish The Homeless Guy had not quit at AC. Some of his posts are articles. People's comments on homeless articles show that their is a need for them. Glad you are going to join. You have a gift to share.