Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Day's Adventure

Most of the day was spent with my backpack slung upon my back exploring the rail yard and all its equipment. They are polishing the railheads and adding a few new tracks to the yard.  This activity gets me excited.  Years ago, they almost abandoned this yard, and now they are expanding it. 

After I left the rail yard after being down there all morning, I walked up to the shopping center to get a cup of coffee and to warm my hands.  The usual gang was hanging out along with Rosa.  I hadn't seen Rosa in quite awhile.   My hands started to shake as I walked up to where her, Big S, and Ferret were sitting.

"Hey, how are you?" Rosa asked me.

"Cold," I replied, rubbing my arms and shoulders vigorously.

I reached into my backpack to take a few Benadryl hoping this would calm my nerves.   It only made me feel more jittery. 

"I tried to call you last night," Rosa said.

"I have my phone unplugged," was my reply.  Those old social anxiety mired phone phobias have been acting up lately.  My phone rarely rings, but when it does, it causes a panic within me. 

"What do you do down at the railroad tracks for hours?" Big S piped up, interrupting my and Rosa's exchange.  I welcomed the intrusion, not knowing what to say to Rosa.

"I take photos and just walk around looking at trains."

"It is kind of odd, isn't it?" Ferret added.

"No more odd than you three hanging out at this shopping center all day," I replied defensively.

Everyone laughed and agreed. 

"Will you answer when I call tonight?" Rosa then asked.

"Maybe," I replied very vaguely. 

I had enough of feeling uncomfortable and got in my car that was parked in the parking lot to drive home.   The last thing I wanted to do today was see Rosa, but that was just my luck.  I have the most terrible luck some days.  


M said...

i don't like to answer the phone either!

but hey, whats up that you don't want to see Rosa?

Josie Two Shoes said...

I loved your reply to the gang about them hanging out at the shopping center - good comeback! :-)

Kelly Jene said...

I ignore my phone frequently, don't feel bad. I love text messages, its much easier for me to deal with.

Blue Gardenia said...

Be careful in the railyard. The rr has a term called "tresspassers" which they freely use to label people on their property. The rr police also have a bad habit of locking people up. CSX is trying to improve their safety image so don't be caught up in their evil web.