Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blissful Evening

For the longest time, I couldn't concentrate to read more than my usual short and concise blog posts. I couldn't even watch television. Tonight, I just spent hours being able to read my Model Railroader magazines. It is a sure sign all those medications I have been taking are starting to wear off. My concentration and sense of contentment is returning.

Tomorrow, I go to see my doctor and will insist he simplify my medications even further. No one listens to me though. I will say I am feeling better, and they think I am just crazy and can't think for myself. They will think I am lying just to keep from taking all those pills.

Another thing that has returned is my libido. I find myself longingly looking at women in lustful ways today. I used to could care less and it was something I no longer did for the longest time. I feel like a kid in a playground all over again. I was even tempted to try a dating website for Mentally Ill people tonight.


madamspud169 said...

Have you ever asked the doctor

1) to send your dad from the room

2) told him that you know you need to be on some medications but that you also need to be able to think cohesively and live a life.

I know it wont be easy but if you could do that and get the doctor to see your point of view then maybe you can finally be on less medication but be on it safely.

Andrew said...


I can't take a shit-storm in the family this close to Christmas. And it will cause an upheaval of the status quo if I do those things. It is better to just puke the damn pills up after eating a big meal. Everybody's happy that way. What they don't know won't hurt them.

Sonhos engarrafados said...

oh so good news!

mosiacmind said...

I hope that your visit to the doctor goes well. I hope that the doctor will listen to you. I loved the picture of maggie....


Good luck with the visit to your doctor.
It is your body regardless.

Macadamia The Nut said...


Brad said...

Andrew, I know nothing about mental illness but I've been reading your blog for a while and I guess my only advice would be to take it slow and steady and just change one thing at a time and then evaluate your bodies reaction - don't try and do too much at once - But again - I really now nothing - just going on my gut feelings here

Barb said...

Timing is everything, and this time may not be right. Do what is right for Andrew!

Be well~


Kali said...

Stay away from the dating website thing..... But I totally think you should go out and meet someone new!

Go for it!

Chandira said...

Good luck with the Doctors, you know how I feel about unnecessary meds!!

Sharyna said...

Why do you need a dating site? Look in your own back yard, Mosaic Mind and Clara. Best not rile up dad at this time. Glad you're doing well, miss your comments on my blog.