Wednesday, December 5, 2007

She Had Wild Eyes

First off, I show you my new desktop with an image taken by none other than our friend and blogging companion, Cheryl. I thought it was just gorgeous and I get that freshly snowed, orgasmically Christmas-ey feeling every time I minimize to my desktop.

Joyce came over tonight. She called first.

"You home?"

"I'm home."

"Can I come over?"

"Sure, I am lonely."

She knocked on my door after a few minutes and Maggie did her let's spaz out cause company is here dance. Joyce poked her head inside my door and whispered. "Now this is interesting," I thought.

"Do you have something sweet to eat?" she whispered.

"Yes, I do," I whispered back very seriously. "Cheese Danish or apple Danish?"

"I'll take an apple Danish for my breakfast," she said looking all around as if someone was going to jump out of my bushes at any moment.

I walked into my kitchen and got the Danish and took it to her.

"They're watching me," Joyce said grabbing the Danish.


"You know! Them!" She said with wild eyes.

I made sure she was home safe and walked her back over. I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn't dealing with that kind of paranoia in my life anymore. There were times I thought I was constantly being followed and that cameras were in my ceilings. I have a lot of empathy for Joyce and what she is going through. An apple Danish was a small price to pay to help my friend with something to eat. She's been too paranoid to go to the grocery store.


CJM-R said...

She came home pretty fast, wouldn't you say?

It must be so awful to feel so paranoid, poor woman. It must be so nice for her to have you next door.

Glad you are not dealing with that any longer.

Beautifully Profound said...

I'm goin to pray for her.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm so glad she has you. I would hate for her to be alone.

And Cheryl's pic is gorgeous, isn't it?!!

Cheryl said...

Actually, Emily took the picture. I loved the lights. Tomorrow I plan to take a video just for you. We got about 4" of snow, and so far they've announced a 2 hour delay for the schools. I'm sure they'll cancel. It's going to be in the 20's tonight and everything wet will freeze.

I doesn't sound like Joyce was ready to come home. I hope she's OK. I'm glad you were there for her.

I'm not sure I know what pay per post ads are. Is that where you write about a product and are paid for it? If that's it, could it run on the side of the blog?

Kay Matthews said...

I wish the tired soul in me wouldn't be begging me to crawl into bed so I could read a little more in your blog. I stomped into it and it's very interesting. You're a little off to think you're boring when you're sober, perhaps the need of something makes you a better writer, and as you might already know, we are all so pleased to read you :) Good luck with all my blogger fellow.

Mike said...

You are such a good friend to Joyce.

When I was experiencing paranoia, I was suspicious of some of the people who I was closest to. And there were other people who I felt completely comfortable with. I’m so glad that despite the paranoia, Joyce still trusts you.

The New Kid In Town said...

Yes, keep standing by her :)

Congratulations on your feats over alcoholism and other challenges..u r the inspiration of day :)

AlabamaGal said...

I am glad Joyce has you as her close neighbor and friend.

I feel for her, I really do. It must be just awful to feel that way.

Good Morning Andrew! Just in from work. Sorry, I didn't post an entry on my blog today but I am about to do a early morning entry.


simonsays said...

Poor Joyce. Thank God she has you, someone who understands.

I had to laugh at your description of Maggie's dance, it was right on.

mosiacmind said...

i am so glad that you are there to be a friend to joyce and also that you understand. it is such a difficult time when one is paranoid. i found it interesting a comment that was made by mike about being suspicious of people that i was closer to. i experienced that also.


you are a blessing to her. You're her angel...thank you for paying it forward!

Manifesting Mini Me (MMM) said...

Suffering is not in vain when it shapes a compassionate and caring soul - bless you, Andrew! Your story softens and encourages my heart.