Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Windows Live Writer

One of the blogging tools I can't live without is Windows Live Writer. It is free to download and easy to install, and makes blogging a joy. Everything can be accomplished within Live Writer except photo uploading, unless you want to upload to your own personal FTP site which is easily accomplished with Live Writer.

Download it for free at Windows Live Writer.

Preview before you post
Writer shows you what your blog entry will look like before you post it, using your blog's templates and formatting.

Compose your entries offline
Publish them later, when you get back online.


Le Fleur said...

Goodmorning :)

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one up all night. I was doing research for a paper that's due tomarrow. You have a good day, luv. I have to get ready for class.

darla said...

Thanks for this helpful post! I've studied Writer and it looks like something I'd like. The fact that its "free" makes it even more appealing!

hensteeth said...

Thank you very much.

AlabamaGal said...

I can't live without live writer either. Especially for the Spanish blog I do. I can compose the lessons early and save them to draft and then post them when the day comes. Really a must have tool for anybody with a blog!


C. R. Morris said...

This is cool! I am using it to blog now. Thank you!

mago said...

Strange - my comment vanished. Again: Do you know "ulteo"? Could be interesting for you.

Kelly Jene said...

Hmmm... may have to look into that!