Thursday, December 27, 2007


I apologize for my recent use of this blog as an emotional outlet.  I realize my writing the past few days has proved uncomfortable at best.   My car getting stolen sent my fragile mental health and state into a tailspin.  I hope those of you that are still around can forgive me.  I am feeling much better this afternoon.  I have been submitting articles to Associated Content and feel like I am doing something positive with myself.  Maybe I can work at home and earn money writing.  I've got a lot of articles in mind to share in the next few weeks and I hope you will read and support my efforts via Associated Content.  I will post a link to any articles on the blog when they are published.  It may take up to two weeks.  


Rhette said...

Hi Andrew,
No apologies necessary, it's your blog & whatever you desire to share is up to you.

We all have our tailspin days -- I hope the evening brings you comfort.

I look forward to reading your articles until then ... I'll continue to stop by & read daily :)

Kirs ~

Berryvox said...

With your large blog readership, you should do really well with the page views there. Good luck!

Jenn said...

What is Associated Content? I've never heard of it. Do we search for you by name or by catagory? Do you get paid by them?

Andrew said...


I will put links to what I write on the blog. Hopefully, they will pay me some, but it won't be much. You get paid mainly via per thousand reading. I will let you all now when I get published.

justLacey said...

This is your space to write what you want. I look forward to reading some of your articles on Associated Content. They have these calendars for children where you write down duties they are supposed to accomplish each day. Chores of sorts. For each one they get a sticker or gold star. Simple I know, but make one up for yourself on the computer. Start with just the basics and find something to reward yourself with for each accomplishment. Maybe a Coke or cigarillo. It's really just as simple as that. A start to making yourself feel better.

CJM-R said...

No apologies needed! I am hoping that your sharing and the support you receive here helped you get clarity.

The kids and young adults that I work with have the same issues as you do. They are so bright with their academics, creative with art and music and yet need so much help with their social skills and life skills. These skills do not come automatically for them. It takes a great deal of support by people who understand their needs and know that they can not learn these skills on their own. They need to be taught all the skills most people learn on their own, and it is never too late!

I get so frustrated for you, because I want you to have the services you deserve!

Oh Andrew, you have had a tough couple of days, but your honesty has helped to get you through it.

Stay strong,

Anonymous Boxer said...

Your thoughts, your blog.


I look forward to reading your posts on Associated Content.

Randy G. said...

I am really enjoying your writing, Andrew! It's good to see I am not alone in my insanity...damn! Someone else goes through the same crap!

Debbie said...

hey this is your blog to write what you please. i enjoy your many entries throughout the day and truly miss them when you dont.

i can usually count on having a new entry everytime i sit down for a few minutes to read. dont stop.

you are doing just fine.

Ryan said...

Using your blog as an emotional outlet is something I've tried to do occasionally, but people I know read it, so I end up sugar-coating everything.

Sharyna said...

No apologies needed. You keep me strong and able to write my feelings. I have written a few things for and understand that they will pay me if enough people read me. I hope alot of people read you. I will and I will click whatever it takes to get you paid.


Dragon Dame said...

By all means, if this is the process you need to heal, or think things through .. go for it. It only shows that you're as human as the rest of us.

SOUL: said...

you don't need to apologize for what you write here. emotional outlet or not. i can't think of a single blog that i read regularly that someone doesn't use the blog however they need to. that is why we have the friends we do right?
if someone can't handle what is real in our lives, they don't need to stay... right?
you know your true friends ... and we will always be here.
take care of yourself...
ps.. your car just may be found. i had a car stolen once... in san diego--and it was recovered... in not so great condition, but i got it back... you are in a MUCH smaller place... and quite a ways from mexico-- so , you have a good chance of your car being recovered.
i hope so!
let us know if you hear anything. k?

nengaku said...

Andrew - this is your life and your blog. We're just along for the ride. Please don't start editing based on what you think we want to hear.
If it seems you are doing that I'll unsubscribe.

Rita Mosquita said...

Andrew, your blog is a way to cope with the challenges of your life. No one needs an apology from you for how you feel, how you're doing. If someone doesn't like what you write, they can stop reading your blog. If writing and expressing your feelings helps you, great. You are an excellent writer who is candid about your life and that makes your blog so interesting. Do this for you.