Sunday, December 16, 2007

Against All Odds

Ran into George's mom yesterday afternoon at the grocery store. Mrs. Jones was dressed to the nines and looking pretty for a woman of eighty-five.

"How's George?" I asked her, almost shy in bringing the subject up.

"Baby, he be doin' well," she replied after giving me a hug.

She didn't tell me much about what was ailing George. I don't think she knew much with George probably hiding the worst news from her. I later learned that George doesn't have full blown cirrhosis. He is just at the early stages with a decreased liver function. He has fatty deposits in his liver. It seems George's carefree days of constant drinking have caught up to him.

I finally gathered all my shopping items. A loaf of french bread, real butter, and the stuff to make a homemade marinara sauce. I was having garlic bread to be dipped into the marinara. I've been a carbohydrate junky lately.

"Italian?" the lady at the checkout asked me with a big and welcoming smile, trying to make small talk.

"Irish," I said with a Cheshire grin, pointing to my strawberry blonde hair and fair complexion.

I have heard my father often tell the story of my ancestors who minted coins for the King, thus our last name. He loves to brag about us formerly Royal subjects. I am of the school of thought that there must have been a good reason we quit minting and moved to the New World.

This having money and shopping is contagious. I left the grocery store and threw my food in the back of my CR-V. I walked down to the dollar store to buy some colored lights to put on my shrubbery outside. To my good fortune, the lights were five strings for ten dollars. I bought those and an extension cord. It is going to be a Christmas Vacation sort of Christmas this year. Now, if I can only find that tacky and sex exuding leg lamp and tasseled shade from A Christmas Story, then my Christmas would be complete.


KYRIE said...

Poor George(:.

I am a carb junkie myself.. butter milk bun my favorite, rice with spicy curry, pasta, french fries,.. the list goes on.
Enjoy ur breakfast. Bye bye.

mosiacmind said...

It sounds so yummy! I am a carb addict myself which tends to go along with being someone who used to use. I hope that you had a wonderful evening and a great day. Looking foward to seeing pictures of the lights outside.

LoriAnn said...

Good day, Andrew! I'm looking forward to pictures of your outdoor lights, too. You need to exchange the picture in the left corner of your blog with one of your own awesome tree!

Hurray on your almost one month of sobriety!

Summer said...

Hey Sweets...Thanks for the email. I found one of those leg lamps in a junk magazine a few weeks ago. $250!!! I didn't know plastic was that expensive. Enjoy your Sunday.

CJM-R said...

Yummy, homemade marinara sauce...

Very interesting family history.


HA! I know you can find an ornament of that tacky lamp light at a store called KOHLS! Cheryl and I know it well! :)

SOunds like a warm pasta filled day! Did it snow by you yesterday??

Have a great day today, and that lamp like I said, is such a great object of conversation, what I would Love to have it here in my front window just to give some of the other snuuuttie ones a snub or two! :)
Hi Maggie!

Cheryl said...

So you are making a homemade meal. Yes! And you went to the grocery store. Very good. I'm actually in the mood to cook again today, but think I'm going to be smart and do nothing. I have canned and frozen soup and need to just stay in bed.

Looking forward to seeing your lights. Write some more today, OK/

Rosetta said...

I saw some small ones at fye on Thursday for $40.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Pictures of the lights?

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous Boxer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Mike said...

FRAH-JEE-LAY... must be Italian!

I have a weakness for carbs as well. Your pasta dinner sounds delicious.

Sharyna said...

Sounds like you've got the decorating down to a science. lol Glad George is better and has a chance. How are you and Mosaic Mind hitting it off? What about Clara? Do you realize how many women are vying for you?


Saint Monstergirl said...

i'm glad you use real butter!

Marilyn said...

Here ya' go:

Kelly Jene said...

Yummy dinner!! Sounds delicious. I love french bread and marinara. Yummm.

Enjoy! And take some pics of those lights tonight.

AlabamaGal said...

The french bread and marinara sounds great to me.
Enjoy putting the lights on but stay warm. It's cold!

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

Red hair and fair (and probably blue eyes) and she asked if you were Italian! ROFL

Post photos of the Christmas lights.